US election results, Brexit, Syria: How to handle your child's news-related worries

Put event into perspective

You could explain that distressing events may be isolated, or relate specifically to something else. Broaden the discussion from a particular image or story into a wider conversation about leadership and the importance of a President or Prime Minister or perhaps what we can do to help in terms of war or conflict.

Above all be reassuring

As parents and carers of young children it is instinctual to want to shield and protect them from traumatic events. We want them to grow up believing in good triumphing over evil and above all we want them to feel safe and free from danger.

When situations occur outside of our control the most important thing we can provide is reassurance. Empower them by letting them know that their concerns are valid but that the world is fundamentally good and they are surrounded by people that will love and support them no matter what.


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