Weaning tips: How to help your baby eat well

Top weaning tips

Be sneaky

Once you have given your child the chance to test food tastes separately, start to mix things up. If your child is slow to accept vegetables, pack a spaghetti Bolognese or favourite casseroles with a real blend of finely chopped vegetables. If your baby is banging the table impatiently before dinner, have healthy starters to hand such as breadsticks and hummus or cheese cubes.

Stick together

Your baby will be fascinated by what and how you eat. This is one of the ways you know they are ready for solids in the first place, but eating together at the table will normalise mealtimes and encourage your baby to satisfy their hunger.

Stay fresh

Only after having a baby do so many modern mothers force themselves to cook from scratch. Baby food has to comply with strict regulations to be low in salt and sugar, but can work out expensive, and homemade recipes suitable for a weaning baby can improve the health of the whole family. Try stock which is especially formulated for babies to flavour stews for example.


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