Why are girls so unhappy?

The Good Childhood Report, released last week from the Children's Society, says girls are getting unhappier. 

One in seven girls aged 10 to 15 who were surveyed were unhappy, compared to one in nine at the last survey, and compared to one in nine boys. One in three girls say they are unhappy with their appearance. As a GP this doesn't surprise me - we seem to be seeing more and more girls self-harming, and girls talking about being fat at the age of eight or nine isn't at all unusual.

It's a minefield for us parents, isn't it? On the one hand the childhood obesity crisis is all over the papers, and we mustn't let our children get overweight. On the other, there are headlines about eating disorders, and we mustn't obsess about weight in case we damage our children's mental health. It is certainly a difficult balance to strike.


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