Why are girls so unhappy?

How can we parents help and see them through their teenage years to become happy, self-confident adults?

Most of all, I think we have to love them. Love them and tell them that we love them. Lots. Boost them up by complimenting anything they do well - praise the good stuff rather than nagging and criticising their less desirable habits.

Encourage them to find what they are good at - trying sports, clubs, art, music, dance, whatever rocks their boat, even if it does nothing for yours. Being good at something boosts self-esteem, and helps you be happy.

Be there to listen to worries and concerns. Make time each day for your kids to just talk to you.

Have fun with your kids. It helps get through the traumas of school if home is a happy place to be.

Look out for social media and what they are doing with it. Make sure it's age-appropriate, and there is no cruelty or bullying going on.

We have to set them an example, and that is a hard one. We all seem conditioned to obsess about our weight and our diet; it is so hard not to pass that on.

As parents, if we are on and off diets, our kids are going to think that's normal. If we are always asking "does my bum looks big in this?" they'll start worrying about theirs.

Try and eat healthily together as a family, without being "on a diet." Treats are important too, though; it's all part of the great balancing act.


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