Angela Hartnett's comfort food recipes

Crab linguine

Last summer a bunch of us were down in Cornwall. After visiting a number of different restaurants, we went to Paul Ainsworth's Rojano's, where we had this crab linguine. When something is this delicious, this fresh, you just know you're on to a good thing.

Buttermilk pannacotta

I first tasted this during the summer months, with friends and family at Mark Hix's restaurant in Lyme Regis. The fact that we had turned up with the dog, who was welcomed and promptly given a bowl of water on the balcony, is a mark of how relaxed and beautiful a day it was.

Roast leg of lamb

Growing up, my family always enjoyed sitting down together to eat good food that either my mum or my grandmother had cooked. It wasn't a tradition, just the norm. This makes for the perfect Sunday lunch, especially if eaten around Easter time.

Thai fishcakes

When I was a student in Cambridge, we often went to this random pub in a dodgy part of town, where I discovered how good Thai food can be. Their fishcakes in particular were delicious – light and savoury.

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