Big fry up? Big mistake!

Do you ever fancy a big fry? Do you long to tuck in to bacon and eggs, sausages and pudding with buttery mushrooms and crispy, fried bread? Maybe you’re hoping for that Valentine's day breakfast in bed you have been working hard towards and decide to really enjoy the fabulous breakfast that you have worked towards after all.

Do you like to go for a fry at the weekend after that Friday night on the town? Or maybe it’s got to be a quick lunch or dinner and sure, isn’t a fry the quickest thing in the world? But there’s something so decadent about having a fry for brekkie.

And there are plenty of convincing arguments for you to go for the full works. Such a big breakfast will keep you going all day. It is paid for, after all. It would be such as waste. You really won’t need any lunch. Isn’t it lovely not to have to cook, and don’t they say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day?

So many good reasons to have a good breakfast. If you’re anything like me, the sight of those crispy rashers is enough to dissolve any remnants of willpower you may have had left and you really won’t need much convincing.

So you go for it. I’ll take a full English, full Irish or full plate of whatever they have to offer, as long as it’s bacon.

Does this sound at all familiar? If it does, let me give you something to chew on which might just make you hesitate next time you order breakfast.

Let’s go for the full works:
2 rashers of fried bacon; 223 cals, 20g fat
2 fried eggs; 180 cals, 14g fat
2 fried thin pork sausages; 130 cals, 10g fat
2 slices of black pudding; 150 cals, 11g fat
1 serving of mushrooms, cooked in butter; 70 cals, 7g fat
2 pieces of fried bread; 450 cals, 29g fat

Now, are you ready for this? This breakfast/lunch/dinner probably has enough calories to cover all those meals – not just the one. This one plate of food will give you a massive 1,220 calories and 91g of fat.

So what’s the alternative? Here you go:
2 rashers of grilled bacon; 130 cals, 8.5g fat
1 poached egg; 75 cals, 5g fat
1 serving of baked beans; 100 cals, 1g fat
2 slices of wholemeal toast; 150 cals, 2g fat

Just as filling, just as tasty but with only 455 calories and 16g of fat.

Can you believe that you would even consider having over 1200 calories in one meal?! That’s nearly a whole day’s calorie intake at one sitting. And it’s over twice the average daily requirements for fat. In one meal!

And will I tell you how much of that fat is saturated fat? Over 26 grams. That’s over 26 grams of saturated fat in one meal, just in case you missed it first time. Compare that to our healthier alternative – just over 16g of fat (less than half the average daily requirements) and less than 7g of saturated fat. Isn’t that a lot more palatable?

Even the difference between these meals is staggering: 20 units, 760 calories, 75g of fat and around 20g of saturated fat. Simply by choosing a healthier meal and more healthy ways of cooking – grilling and poaching instead of frying, having baked beans instead of buttery mushrooms, toast in place of fried bread and leaving the sausages and pudding in the pan, you can save a massive 760 calories.

Do you know what you would have to do to burn 760 calories? You’d have to find the energy to swim for 1¼ hours, find the time to walk for nearly 3 hours or push yourself to cycle for 2¼ hours. The alternative is that it could go straight onto your hips or belly.

But what about all those great reasons to have a big breakfast? Replacing lunch with an extravagant breakfast is not a good idea. Missing meals can lead to over-compensation and actually eating more at your next meal. Your body also makes up for the lost energy by conserving what you have already eaten and slowing down your metabolism.

And yes, breakfast is an important meal. It’s vital to break your overnight fast and give your metabolism a kick-start for the day. It’s also a good idea to start the day the way you mean to continue – healthy, balanced and nutritious, guilt-free and feeling positive about your weight-loss plans.

So next time you fancy a fry, go for a grill instead. Hold the sausages and hold on to your plans for a healthy, slimmer you!

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