European Championship of Beers


Czech Republic
Pilsner Urquell, 4.4% ABV
All other pilsners stand on the shoulders of this golden giant. First brewed in 1842 in the town of Pilsen, it's not just the original pilsner, it's arguably the finest. Anything less than a semi-final appearance would disappoint.
£1.54, 330ml, Asda

Sagres, 5%
Light-drinking Lisbon lager. Malt-driven thirst-quencher that will struggle to get out of the group stages.
£1.09, 330ml,

Vollmond, 5.5%
This quirky co-host contender is one of the world's few biodynamic beers. Brewed exclusively on the night of a full moon (vollmond) using barley sourced from the world's highest fields and mountain water, it's a beer that's baffled the bookies. Group A's dark horse.
£1.55, 330ml, found in health food stores

Efes, 5%

A thirst-slaking summer sip but using rice instead of barley may hamper progression into the knockout stages.
£1.49, 330ml, Tesco, Sainsbury's, JD Wetherspoon pubs


Salzburger Stiegl, 4.9%

Often overshadowed by its German neighbours, Austrian brewing boasts some tasty gems of which this crisp, straw-coloured lager is one. Could sneak through.
£1.80, 330ml,

Ozujsko, 5.2%

Beer from the Balkans remains an unknown quantity and the garish dented can hardly bodes well. But, as England fans can testify, never discount the Croatians.
£4.99, 4x500ml, Booths

Tyskie, 5.6%

Poland's best-selling beer is a solid all-rounder but questions remain about its lack of flair and strength at the back of the throat.
£1.36, 330ml, Tesco

Schneider Weisse Hefe-Weizen, 5.4%

The king of Bavarian wheat beers, this highly rated Hefe-Weizen's spice and juicy fruit flavours make it a tournament favourite.
£1.60, 500ml, Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Oddbins


Kasteel Kru, 5.2%
Full of finesse and delicate hop flavours, this fancy French lager is brewed using champagne yeast in Alsace, home to Arsène Wenger. But, like Arsenal, it may be too floral and lightweight to go the whole distance.
£1.55, 330ml, Waitrose, Tesco, Booths

Grolsch Weizen, 5.3%

This widely revered wheat beer, from the same stable as the iconic swing-top, is bursting with lovely flavours. But, as always with the Dutch, much depends on whether they get along in the glass.
£1.98, 330ml, Asda

Peroni Nastro Azzuro, 5.1%

With its funky bottle, grandiose glassware and easy drinking allure, Italy has definitely got style. But is there enough substance?
£4.49, 4x330ml, all major supermarkets

Zagorka, 5%

With no Romanian beer available in the UK, this beer from neighbouring Bulgaria has stepped in. It's a rank outsider but look what happened when Denmark replaced Yugoslavia in 1992.
£1.39, 500ml, Morrissons, Booths, Waitrose


Mythos, 5%
This Mediterranean pale-straw lager is making up the numbers and if it clambers out of the group stages then it'll be the biggest shock since Greece were crowned champions of Europe in 2004.
£1.70, 330ml,

Baltika, 5.1%

English beer fans must look at this lightweight lager and wonder where it all went wrong.
£2, 500ml,

Alahambra Reserva, 6.4%

Strength, drinkability and balance should see this amber-coloured, artisan Andalucian go far.
£1.80, 330ml, Majestic Wine Warehouse

Landsort Lager, 5.3%

Not just another European pilsner, this spicy Scandinavian should overpower the Greeks and the Russians. May struggle after that though.
£1.55, 330ml, health food stores

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