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Can you suggest a way of glazing and decorating bread that is acceptable to vegan friends?
This isn't an area in which I have had much experience, but having consulted various authorities on the subject, there seem to be several glazes with which you can experiment until you find one that suits: soy powder and water, or soya milk, or plain or saltwater, or olive oil put on before and after baking.

Where can I get mostarda di Cremona? I can't find any websites in English, and I'm not familiar enough with the Italian language to risk ordering something in it.
Mostarda di Cremona, that distinctive northern Italian condiment of fruits cooked in syrup and given a fiery kick by the addition of mustard seed or oil, is the most famous mostarda, but there are all sorts of variations. I have seen one made with apple that took three days to cook, and is a speciality of Mantua, and I have also come across mustards of pears; I even made my own with quinces last year, according to a recipe I found in the utterly beguiling The Realm Of Fig And Quince, by Ria Loohuizen (Prospect Books; £9.99). If you don't want to make your own, however, you should be able to find mostarda in any decent Italian delicatessen, many of which sell by mail order – for starters, try Giacobazzi's or Melbury & Appleton – or specialist retailers such as and

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