For Pizza sake... be careful!

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore…


Gondola trips in Venice, cappuccinos on the piazza, the fashion, the passion and the handsome men in sharp suits. Oh, the romance, the glamour! Are you in love with all things Italian? Are you in love with the food?

When we think of Italian food, we think of pasta and pizza. The ads on TV show us glamorous Italian families all eating together, the cute little boy with pasta sauce all over his face - and his shirt, and the beautiful women nibbling olives under the sun. The reality is a bit different - far from the sun-drenched vineyards of Tuscany, is the freezer department of the local supermarket!

So, can you really be as svelte as these Italian beauties and eat all that pizza? Are the Goodfellas really that good? And can you fit pizza into a healthy diet? Well, let’s take a look to see how the pizza pans out.

A serving of your average thin and crispy pizza has between 151 calories in the plain old Cheese pizza and 229 calories in the peppy Pepperoni variety.

But what is a serving? The definition on the average box of a serving is a quarter of a regular pizza. Now, I for one can’t remember the last time I ever ate a quarter of a pizza. To me, a serving of pizza is half a pizza, not a quarter.

So what is the real calorie content in a real serving? Over 300 calories in a Cheese pizza, nearly 400 in a Ham and Pineapple and up to a magnifico 458 calories and 26g of fat in half a Pepperoni pizza!

And if that isn’t enough bad, take a look at the godfather of all pizzas, the deep pan. Again, the calorie count per serving doesn’t look too bad on the back of the average box: from 258 calories in a bacon & mushroom topped pizza to 299 calories in the Pepperoni pizza.

But that’s in a quarter of a pizza. A realistic serving of Pepperoni pizza (½) will have almost 600 calories and nearly 30g of fat.

And does your meal end there? Do you eat that little piece of pizza all by itself? Probably not. Add a good spoonful of coleslaw and you’re adding another 155 calories and 16g of fat. Have a helping of garlic baguette and you’re having another 400 calories and 15g of fat. That brings your pizza meal to a tremendo 1155 calories and 61g of fat. That would wipe the smile off even the Mona Lisa’s face!

So, what is your best choice when it comes to pizza? Well, you have two options. You could go for the serving size they recommend on the box - a quarter of a pizza.

Take a quarter of a thin and crispy Pepperoni pizza (229 calories), a serving of reduced fat garlic bread (120 calories) and a bowl of tossed salad with low fat dressing on the side (30 calories) and your grand total is only 400 calories.

Sounds good. Swap the pepperoni for a cheese pizza and you’re down to 320 calories for a satisfying meal. Even better. That’s a sensazione saving of 835 calories or 13 Totals on the deep-pan-coleslaw-garlic-bread combo while still having a respectable calorie count for anyone on a healthy-eating plan.

But, let’s face it. Quarter of a pizza is a pretty unrealistic option for anyone, no matter what your will power.

If you, like any normal human being, want to go for the half pizza all you have to do is choose wisely. Be careful about which pizza you choose and be even more careful about what you have on the side – go for the thin and crispy pizza instead of deep-pan, hold the garlic bread and coleslaw and you can still enjoy your half pizza: half a cheese pizza with a bowl of salad will only have around 350 calories.

So, you can be a good fella and have your pizza too…

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