How to make a basic sushi roll


1 bowl of sticky rice

2-3 nori seaweed sheets

Light mayonnaise (preferably Japanese mayonnaise)

(Optional) bamboo sushi mat


The filling is of your choosing and can be anything you want. Commonly used is tuna mayonnaise, salmon, carrots, avocados, creamy cheese or crab. This is down to your own tastes.


- Here is a tutorial on how to make sticky rice 

- Place one nori seaweed sheet on a flat surface or a bamboo mat

- Start placing the sticky rice onto the seaweed. Pat the rice down and spread it all the way across the seaweed sheet

- Once coved with a layer of rice spread a light layer of mayonnaise over the rice

- Here you can add a filling of your choice, although make sure to only add to the top end of the sheet in a horizontal line.

- Then start rolling the sushi, making sure to make it as tight as it can be. This is most easily done by using a bamboo mat

- Once fully rolled, dip you finger in water and rub this on the seaweed to seal it. This is very important to do around where the seaweed sheet ends, as this will help keep the sushi roll from unwrapping

- Cut the long roll into smaller roles with a sharp large knife

- Then place on a plate and you are ready to serve


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