Magnum - shooting holes in your summer diet plans

How do you cope with the hot weather? Do you have the air-conditioning on full blast Do you enjoy day trips to the seaside and drinking plenty of water? Or do you take every opportunity to have an Ice cream. It’s the ultimate summer indulgence – the creamiest ice cream coated in a thick, crispy, cold, chocolate layer. Magnums are a veritable gift from heaven on a handy stick. Right? Wrong!

If you look ‘Magnum’ up in the dictionary, one of the definitions is ‘a cartridge or firearm’. Explosive is right. In this case, it’s where your hips are concerned.

Let’s start with the worst-case scenario – the Double Chocolate. Double Trouble, more like. This one ice cream bar packs a mighty 370 calories and 25g fat. That’s 58% energy from fat. This begs the question, when the manufacturer named it ‘Double’ was it because it has twice the recommended proportion of fat!? Look at it this way. For 370 calories, you could have a portion of Sainsbury's Be Good to Yourself Braised Beef with potatoes and extra vegetables, a serving of Marks & Spencer’s Chargrilled Lemon Chicken with new potatoes or Safeway’s Haddock Pie with loads of vegetables and fruit salad. Or you could have one ice-cream

Next on the list is the Magnum Cone. With 350 calories and 22g fat it’s a slight improvement but is still a scary 57% energy from fat. If this kind of ice cream cone is your weakness, you can do yourself a big favour by simply choosing a Strawberry Cornetto instead. It has only 190 calories and 7.7g fat. It’s still 36% energy from fat but the damage to your diet is not quite so devastating.

If you’re nuts about the Almond Magnum you’re next for the firing block. This exotic treat will set you back 330 calories and 22g fat and 60% energy from fat. The Cornetto Classico, with 225 cals and 12g fat, is a much better option if this nut and chocolate cocktail is your diet downfall.

The not-so-innocent White Magnum dishes up a devilish 300 calories and 19.6g and 59% energy from fat, which is a fraction better than its nutty cousin but not when you think you could eat 4 or 5 pieces of fruit for around the same calorie count, minus the fat. Could you even eat that much fruit in one sitting?

Breaking through the 300 calorie mark is the Magnum Classic with 280 calories and 17.4 grams of fat. It’s still loads you up with 56% energy from fat but it’s a little more realistic in terms of the calories it provides but at a push.

If it really has to be a Magnum, it would be even better to go for a snack size bar. Ranging from 170 to 210 calories each, these are definitely a better choice – not necessarily good, but certainly better.

Now, if you are wondering about the Magnum 7 Deadly Sins, so are we. Try as we might, we have been unable to obtain the nutrition numbers on this limited edition range of ice-creams. Even Wall’s weren’t able to send us the numbers - sorry.

Of course, you don’t have to aim for a Magnum when faced with the freezer cabinet, but neither do you have to put a freeze on ice lollies when you are losing weight. A Citrus Solero will set you back only 125 calories and 2g fat and the Exotic fruit version is even lower in calories and fat with 115 calories and 3g fat per pop.

The winner? Citrus Solero Shots - with only 25 calories and no fat, these won’t leave your diet shot to pieces.

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