Miso soup with beef and kale recipe | Nigel Slater

A light, sustaining and cheapish dinner.

The recipe

Pull the leaves from the stalks of 100g of cavolo nero, shred them, then chop the stems finely. Pour a little oil into a shallow pan, add the chopped stems, cook briefly, then add a 240g piece of rump steak. When it browns, turn and add 3 chopped spring onions. Remove the steak, cover it, then pour 800ml of boiling water into the pan, stir, add 1 tbsp of bouillon, 2 tbsp of white miso, then the cavolo nero leaves and the steak, sliced into thin strips. Serves 2.

The trick

Allowing the miso to boil will make it cloudy and alter its flavour. A brief simmer will do no harm. Cook the pieces of meat for seconds rather than minutes, to keep them supple and rare.

The twist

Shredded savoy cabbage, purple sprouting and any of the Chinese greens, such as bok choi, would be perfect here instead of the cabbage. Add wide or thin ribbon noodles as you wish, or even cooked rice to make a more substantial bowl of soup.

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