Nigel Slater's midweek dinner: filled toasted flatbread

The recipe

Take a couple of thin round flatbreads, such as quesadillas. Slice a couple of jalapeño peppers and fry them in olive oil with a sliced small red or orange pepper until they soften. Scatter two good handfuls of grated cheese over one of the flatbreads, then a couple of finely sliced spring onions. Slice a large tomato and spread the slices over the cheese. Scatter with coriander. Place the second flatbread on top, press down lightly, and cook in a dry, nonstick frying pan until lightly coloured, turning to cook the other side. Cut into slices to serve.

The trick

There are no rules here, but it is essential to have something that melts and sticks the two breads together. Mozzarella is a good idea, as is grated cheddar. Guacamole works nicely, too. If you prefer you can fry it in a little oil or even bake it in a very hot oven for five minutes until the cheese has melted.

The twist

Fill with slices of pork or ham, cheese, chillies, prawns or grilled vegetables. Add a little home-made or shop-bought tomato sauce. A favourite of mine involves two thin breads sandwiched together with grated cheese, red chillies, coriander leaves, stoned green olives and spring onions. Served with a bowl of soured cream.

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