'Recipe to Success' Judging Criteria

'Recipe to Success' Judging Criteria

Initial Selection: All Recipes submitted must receive a minimum of 15 ‘Likes’ to qualify for Tesco Diets ‘Recipe to Success’ Giveaway Tesco Diets Nutrition team will judge each recipe which receives 15 ‘Likes’ or more and will then judge recipes by assigning each a "value" score (such score to be between 1-80, 8 categories, 80 being the best ), based on which are the most "healthy" and "nutritious", applying the following judging.

1. Originality and creativity. Is this a really inspiring, interesting idea that will inspire others to cook? You are free to submit both Videos and Pictures to support your recipe (maximum number of points: 10) 2. Advocacy. The recipe with the most amount of likes, decided by the ultimate judge – You. The highest ranking ‘Like’ Recipe receives 20 points, 2nd 15 points, 3rd 10 points, 4th 5 points (maximum number of points: 20) 2. Practicality. Can we get the ingredients easily? Is it easy to make? (maximum number of points: 5) 3. Cost to make. Is it reasonably-priced, for the average family? (maximum number of points: 5) 4. A recipe should aim to be low fat - for our purposes that should be 30% calories as fat (maximum number of points: 5) 5. Full range of fruits and vegetables and their percentage of overall ingredients (maximum number of points: 10) 6. Types of oils in the recipe: healthy plant-based oils vs. trans-fats and saturated fats, maximum of 10-16 gram per serving (maximum number of points: 10) 7. Preparation guidelines, use of ingredients stated, cooking temperatures if applicable, cooking time, portion quantity, serving suggestions (maximum number of points: 10) 8. Portions sizes - recipe must provide enough for five (4) portions, consisting of 500-600 calories/serving (maximum number of points: 5) 9. Use of unprocessed and minimally processed foods (maximum number of points: 5) 10. Use of healthy carbohydrates, degree of presence of whole grains, recommended 100 gram per serving (maximum number of points: 10)

The Recipe which receives the highest rating each week will be deemed the WINNER.

Nutrition guidelines Your recipe needs to be suitable for use on the Tesco Diets site. That means it will need to fit in with our nutrition criteria, and it will be analysed by our nutritionist. Here are some guidelines to help you achieve this: A recipe must be low fat - for our purposes that should be 30% calories as fat Think of the “ideal plate”: ¼ protein, ¼ starchy carbohydrates and ½ non-starchy vegetables. This is a reasonable guide to ensure your recipe is a Well rounded meal (except in the case of baking/treats). We love vegetables, whole grains, legumes (beans, chickpeas, lentils etc) and fruit. Be sure to include a healthy and well balanced portion Keep meat, chicken and fish portions to 500-550g raw meat per serving of 4. Limit use of salt, added sugar and processed meat. No more than 15g sugar (25g dessert) Use low-fat versions of dairy products. Try to avoid cream or butter: we suggest unsaturated fats like olive and vegetable oils and reduced-fat spreads.

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