Roll on by the Sausage Rolls

Kellie Collins

Ever been in a hurry at lunchtime and just grabbed the most convenient thing off the supermarket shelf? Or do you fancy something hot for a change? Fed up with sandwiches and even boring old cup-a-soup doesn’t appeal?

Ah yes indeed, the old sausage roll syndrome, when that microwave at work turns out to have some use after all. Smothered in tomato ketchup and washed down with a mug of steaming tea…mmm. Settling down for an afternoon of work you’re maybe thinking 'That was so handy, I should buy those more often'.

Think again! If you keep that choice up you soon won’t be able to settle down for an afternoon’s work because you won’t be able to fit into your chair!

Sausage rolls come under the ‘meat products’ category, which always means bad news for dieters. These are usually very high in fat (especially saturated fat) and salt, and are not likely to fill you up for very long.

Basically, sausage rolls are just a bit of processed meat wrapped in a lump of lardy pastry with a lot of added salt. If that still doesn’t put you off, then maybe some nutrition numbers will.

A medium-sized sausage roll with flaky pastry weighs about 60 grams and is most likely to be sold in packs of 3 or 6 in the supermarket.

Just one of these little nasties will give you 290 calories, over 20g of fat (including 8g saturated fat) and 310mg of salt. Pretty bad, eh?

But how about the ‘jumbo’ size which is more likely to be sold separately in a supermarket or served up in a café somewhere? Well, that will provide you with an enormous 690 calories, 52g of fat (including nearly 20g saturated fat) and 740mg of salt.

Phew! That’s like having two dinners at once (in terms of calories), with almost your entire recommended daily fat intake, over twice the recommended saturated fat intake, and half of your daily salt intake.

This has to take the prize for the worst food ever! And that’s a baked sausage roll – just imagine the damage if you were to go for that prized delicacy – the deep-fried sausage roll. I don’t want to even think about it.

But now you’re thinking, ‘so what - I never eat sausage rolls anyway’. Well, remember the last time you were at a birthday party and there was a bit of a buffet?

How many mini sausage rolls did you help yourself to then? At least 4, I’ll bet, without even giving it a moment’s thought.

Well, just one of those teeny weeny party treats packs in 66 calories, 5g of fat and 70mg of salt – so you can work out for yourselves how much that adds up to on the average party paper plate.

So now you know to steer well clear of these lardy lumps, unless you want the fat to ‘roll’ on in next to no time - in a spare tyre round your middle!

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