Salted caramel ice-cream recipe

300g caster sugar
60g salted butter
Salt (fleur de sel if possible)
500ml full-fat milk
250ml double cream
5 medium free range egg yolks

Heat the sugar in a pan on a medium heat and when it's fully melted, add the butter, a couple of teaspoons of salt and the full-fat milk and double cream.

Keep stirring over the heat until everything has melted and homogenised to the thickness of paint and the colour of a nice milky cuppa.

Then pour in 5 nicely beaten egg yolks, bring the temperature up to a steady 91-98C and stir until it thickens into a custard.

Allow to cool, then pour into your ice cream maker or if you have an old model, chill overnight in the fridge and then put your machine to work. You can sprinkle on a little more salt as you serve up.

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