How MyHealth can put you on the path to better health

The New Year is a popular time for people to think about improving their health - and at the start of this year launched a free new health assessment tool on to the site, called MyHealth.

As a professional athlete, I'm naturally interested in keeping in great health so when the team asked me to take the MyHealth test to see how I'd rank on the health scale, how could I say no!

Here's how I got on…and some answers to questions you might have about what the tool's all about and how it could help your health now - and in the future.

Q: What is MyHealth and how has it been created?

A: MyHealth is a clinically backed free medical questionnaire which compares you with others, helping you to understand the impact your lifestyle is having on your current health. The tool was devised by medical professionals and was developed by relying on extensive and widely trusted clinical trials and research. The tool provides the user with a Patient Q Score result at the end of questionnaire, giving a rank from 1 to 100 (if you have a 1 score, you're in the poorest state of health, if you get 100, you're in the optimum health state.)

I found the tool very interesting and I got a Patient Q Score of 87, which I was very happy about.

Q: Does the tool explain why you got the score you did - and why you didn't get a higher score?

A: Yes. The feedback I got is that I was a bit overweight for my age and for the amount of exercise I do. I think this is maybe because I do a lot of weight training, (which is what I do to try to put weight on) and it probably didn't take this into consideration.

Q: Would you recommend MyHealth to others?

A: Definitely! I think the tool would be very helpful for the general public to use, to give them an accurate idea of where they stand in their health status. The things I was most impressed with at the end of the questionnaire were the explanation about how the score was calculated, as well as the tips and solutions provided, that are tailored to whatever that person's weak points in their health may be.

Q: You can also use MyHealth again, once you've got your Patient Q Score, to set simple health goals which could improve your score. Would you take the assessment again in future?

A: As a professional athlete I'd definitely use the tool now to see where I am at and try to find any advice which could ultimately make me better at what I do!

I'd also use it later in life when I have retired from my professional sports career, to compare the score of when I was a professional athlete to when I wasn't. This would show me the differences in my lifestyle and allow me to think about ways in which to stay healthy. I think the score at the end of the questionnaire is a really valid one, because the questionnaire covers everything, from doing exercise to your personal characteristics such as height and weight. It only took me 10 minutes to do as well and giving me a great insight as to where I stand and some information to take away, so I can try to improve to make myself healthier!

Could you beat my 87 MyHealth score? Find out now!


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