5 Best Exercises for Leg Toning

There are tons of different exercises available for leg toning, and it is difficult to know which one is the best. What it will come down to is determining which one is easiest for you to accomplish and brings you the results that you are looking for.

Exercise #1:

Experts in the field of fitness tell us you have to develop the right level of leg training and that there is a fine line between doing too much and not doing enough.

The dumbbell overhead Bulgarian split squat is one exercise they recommend starting out with. This is done with holding a light dumbbell in one hand and placing the top of your toes (the foot on the same side as the dumbbell you are holding) on a bench behind you. Bend your knee. Next press the weight over your head so your arm is directly over your shoulders. Make sure you keep your arm extended. Your hips and front knee should be bent so they descend towards the floor. As your front quad now becomes parallel to the floor, you have to press back up through your front heel to the start. They say you must stand tall throughout the movement.

Exercise #2:

Some fitness coaches put a lot of emphasis on leg training so the legs are properly toned to fit the rest of the physique that has been developed. They promote exercise without drugs. One of their exercise suggestions is weightlifting during the leg workouts that you are doing.

Exercise #3:

Another suggestion they make is that you allow for the safe progression of overload. This is in reference to exercises such as the squats and lunge. Basically the key is to start out slow with lighter weights and fewer reps, but they can be done more often. The heavier the weights and the more reps, the less sets per workout should be done.

Exercise #4:

Some of those in the medical profession suggest that squat leg toning can be done without the combination of weights and squats. They suggest starting with a basic squat which is good for building the quads and developing the larger thigh muscles. It is very important that squats are done correctly to avoid damage to the knee.

Without any weight, stand with your back against the wall. Then, as you bend your knees lower yourself down the wall using it for support. Only lower yourself by a few inches and then resume your standing position and repeat.

Exercise #5

A basic squat is done with holding a barbell on your shoulders so it is just behind your neck. Then as you bend your legs you slowly lower your torso down a few inches. Do not try to go all the way down, as this is just too must stress on the knees.

As your legs begins to develop along and your endurance you can add other exercises to your workout regime. It is important to start slowly and give your legs a chance to develop to the intensity of the exercises you are performing to avoid muscle strain and knee damage.


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