George Ford

George Ford

How to stay fit on a budget

Keeping your healthy lifestyle in check doesn't have to be expensive, especially when there are so many low-cost ways of staying active. If you're hoping to avoid pricey gym fees, then our guide to keeping fit on a budget is just the ticket!

26 Nov 2015

How can you get fit as a family?

Putting time aside to exercise can be tricky, especially when trying to fit it into a busy family routine. Getting the whole family involved is not only a great way to spend time together, but also teaches children how to follow a healthy lifestyle. Here are some suggestions on how to get fit as a family, and have fun at the same time!

20 Nov 2015

Five easy ways to improve your stamina

Getting involved in team sports such as football is a great way to improve stamina while having fun. Team camaraderie encourages you to push yourself, and you'll find that bouts of more than five minutes of play help build endurance

01 Nov 2015

5 Best Exercises for Leg Toning

There are tons of different exercises available for leg toning, and it is difficult to know which one is the best. What it will come down to is determining which one is easiest for you to accomplish and brings you the results that you are looking for.

27 Oct 2015

Mentally Fit! How your mind can improve your fitness

Many coaches and athletes agree mental toughness is crucial when it comes to being successful. Various studies have also linked emotional strength to the ability to succeed – if you have the right mindset, your goals should be easier to achieve.

23 Oct 2015

Tips to combat tiredness at work

When your energy levels are running low, it’s only too tempting to reach for a sugary snack such as sweets or chocolate. While you will get an initial boost, the effects will be short-lived. Try a healthier and more effective option

21 Oct 2015

How to exercise and travel

Constantly travelling can make it hard to stay fit and healthy. From jet lag to fatigue, and reaching for quick fix snacks, there is no shortage of health problems frequent travellers may face.

19 Oct 2015

4 Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga uses a number of relaxation techniques such as controlled breathing and meditation, which can help battle depression and minimise stress

13 Oct 2015