How I would relieve pressure on A&E

In the January 2015 edition of our newsletter for healthcare professionals, we asked subscribers the following question: What would you do today to relieve pressure on A&E? Here is Mike Roger's view.

I would persuade the NHS to invest in frontline information-handling and data storage. There is a vast wealth of unutilised information which would support smarter healthcare decision-making, particularly valuable for junior and inexperienced healthcare workers.

I would arrange for GPs' records, not just the referral letters, to be uploaded prospectively into SCISTORE to form as complete a record of any patient's healthcare status in their personal healthcare account.

I would let patients have online access to their SCISTORE personal healthcare account and apply a national-average tariff cost price tag to each intervention in their account so they (and we) become aware of how expensive each intervention is (and thereby derive some inkling about underlying value and cost-effectiveness).

I would then anonymise and datamine this information remotely and generate guidelines, which are more readily applicable and useful for application in real world situations.

I would publish the guidelines on the internet to act as a guide and invite feedback on their (im-)practicability and (in-)utility so they can be modified and evolved accordingly.

I would also encourage these emergent guidelines be used as supportive evidence by those on the frontline to speak to power.

How hard could that be?

Mike Rogers, Consultant Otolaryngologist, Head & Neck Surgeon

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