Help us show nurses how much they're appreciated

By Paul Steiner, Cavell Nurses' Trust

Last month Cavell Nurses' Trust launched the 'Moment of Thanks' campaign in response to an overwhelming amount of the British public saying that nurses are under-appreciated for the work they do. Research showed that 90% of the British public think nurses are under-appreciated and more than half of you (57%) think they are the most under-appreciated workers in the UK. In response we wanted to give people a platform to be able to say a simple thank you to nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants.

At Cavell Nurses' Trust we also happen to think saying thank you to nurses is really important, especially now, at a time when the NHS and its staff are under a lot of pressure. It's important that nurses know they're appreciated for the great support that they give us throughout our whole lives. From childbirth through to caring for us in old age, nurses are there, often going above and beyond their call of duty with the offer of a cup of tea, a hand on the shoulder or even a well-timed chat; all these things can make a difficult experience a more bearable one. The problem is that all too often people don't get a chance to thank them which is how this campaign can help.

For inspiration check out the video below; featured in it are people who have received great emotional support in their time of need and stories about nurses who've made a real difference to their hospital experience.

If you're still in need of inspiration here's my personal thank you to nurses:

I would like to thank a midwife called Brenda at Lewisham Hospital. When my wife was expecting our first child the labour advanced a lot quicker than expected and Brenda was there to calm the situation. She talked us through what was happening, relaxing my wife and I, and very soon introduced us to our first daughter. Thank you Brenda. Paul from Bromsgrove.

We've already had hundreds of people share their 'thank yous' on social media using #MomentofThanks and but we're aiming to have 1,000 'thank yous' by Christmas.

Is there someone you'd like to thank? Visit now or visit Twitter and use #MomentofThanks.

About Paul:
After working as a freelance Film Editor, Paul is now Communications Officer at Cavell Nurses' Trust. Paul loves being part of a growing team and is keen to help spread the message about the great work of nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants.


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