Sarah Says

Type 2 diabetes – all change

The latest National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines, out today, are for the management of type 2 diabetes – and they’ve been a long time coming. Its well over six years since the last version was published, and a great deal has changed since then.

07 Dec 2015

Doctors and driving – the new rules

I’ve had a busy old day in the media, and it’s all to do with driving. The General Medical Council (GMC) has just announced beefed-up guidance for GPs about informing the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA) if their patients shouldn’t be on the roads.

26 Nov 2015

The facts about female hormones

Female hormones - we wouldn’t be women without them, but there are times when it’s hard to love them. Oestrogen and progesterone help us produce eggs and prepare for pregnancy. After the menopause, dropping oestrogen levels cause hot flushes and vaginal dryness. How can we control them?

18 Nov 2015

The truth about getting older and health tests

Most people worry about dementia, but recent research suggests many of them don’t need to. It’s perfectly normal to have ‘senior moments’, when you go upstairs to fetch something and forget what it was when you get there. This is particularly common if you’re distracted or stressed

26 Oct 2015

Young people and mental health - on the edge of the abyss

We're failing our children - that's the stark message from the NSPCC. A new study shows that last year, more than one in five children referred to mental health services in England were turned away because of lack of resources. That means nearly 40,000 young people who were told their symptoms weren't severe enough.

13 Oct 2015