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For information on specific organisations see the Patient UK self help and support section. The following are general websites concerned with charities:

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Charity Commission

The Charity Commission for England and Wales is established by law as the regulator and registrar of charities in England and Wales. Their aim is to provide the best possible regulation of these charities in order to increase charities’ efficiency and effectiveness and public confidence and trust in them. You can search for any registered charity on their site and find out basic details of the charity.

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Association of medical research charities

Represents the charity sector in medical research. Includes details and links to its many member charities.

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Charities Aid Foundation

Thanks to new, flexible methods of giving, making a gift to charity is easier than ever, Charities Aid Foundation aims to simplify this process by outlining the available options in simple, no-nonsense language. As well as financial information, the site includes a Find a Charity facility.

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Comprehensive directory of UK charities.

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Goodwill Gallery

Free online notice board for UK charities to access donated goods and services. Gives businesses and members of the public alike the opportunity to offer free goods, services, or time to help charities.

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National Council for Voluntary Organisations

NCVO is the umbrella body for the voluntary sector. NCVO has a growing membership of approaching 1,000 voluntary organisations.

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