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UK sources of information and / or support

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Department of Health - Complaints

Information on the complaints procedure for the NHS, social services and Department of Health.

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NHS Main site

Has a section called Raising concerns and making complaints.

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Health Service Ombudsman

Do you have a complaint about the service you have received from the NHS? The Health Service Ombudsman can help you.

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Patients Association

Listening to patients and speaking up for change.

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Scotland Patients Association

Providing patients with an opportunity to raise concerns about healthcare

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General Medical Council

The General Medical Council (GMC) is the independent regulator for doctors in the UK. It helps sets protect patients by setting standards for the practice of medicine and dealing firmly and fairly with doctors when those standards are not maintained. Sections of their website are specifically designed to help you if you wish to make a complaint about a doctor. These include:

Patients’ help microsite:

English (Flash): English (HTML): Welsh (Flash): Welsh (HTML):

Specific booklets (in pdf) [h5]How to complain about a doctor (England):[/h5] English: English (easy read): Arabic: Bengali: Chinese: Gujarati: Hindi: Punjabi: Urdu: [h5]How to complain about a doctor (Northern Ireland):[/h5] Web: [h5]How to complain about a doctor (Scotland)[/h5] Web: [h5]How to complain about a doctor (Wales):[/h5] English: Welsh:

Complaint forms:

English: Arabic: Bengali: Chinese (simplified): Chinese (traditional): Gujarati: Hindi: Punjabi: Urdu: Welsh: [h5]Online complaint forms[/h5] English: Welsh:

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Optical Consumer Complaints Service

An independent body set up to settle complaints from members of the public who are not satisfied with the services received from an optometrist.

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Dental Complaints Service

Set up by the General Dental Council. Helps patients and dental professionals resolve complaintsabout private dental services. NHS patients have had access to the NHS complaints process for years. This service provides a complaints resolution service for those who are treated privately.

See also the Patient UK advocacy page and legal page.

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