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Pictures of skin conditions

The following sites have many pictures of skin conditions, mainly used by doctors, but of interest to the general public.

  • Image atlas - Provided by the Primary Care Dermatology Society of the UK.
  • - A cooperation between the Dept. of Clinical Social Medicine (Univ. of Heidelberg) and the Dept. of Dermatology (Univ. of Erlangen) Germany. Huge collection of photos.
  • The TRIP database - Enables you to search for medical images from various sites.
  • Dermnet - The dermatologists image resource (US site). Includes a large collection of photos of skin disorders.
  • DermNet NZ - New Zealand site with a large collection of pictures of skin conditions.
  • Dermatology Atlas - From Loyola University, Chicago, US.
  • Catalog of Clinical Images (skin) - University of California, San Diego, US.

Other / general clinical images

Useful sites include:

Anatomy / body parts

Patient UK has about 100 simple line drawings of anatomy and body parts. If you are looking for more detailed anatomy illustrations then the following are useful sites:

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