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Accident Line

Accident Line is the Law Society's Specialist Personal Injury Referral and Insurance Service and was formed with the simple remit of providing the public with an ethical, professional service allowing access to justice for all.

Action for Victims of Medical Accidents

AVMA is a charity supporting people injured by medical accidents. 

Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority

A government organisation that can pay money (an award) to people who have been physically or mentally injured because they were the blameless victim of a violent crime.

Families against corporate killers (fack)

A national campaigning network which campaigns to stop workers and others being killed in preventable incidents and will direct bereaved families to sources of legal help and emotional support.

Generation Youth Issues

Considers the development of children and young people as a twin process of adult guidance and peer discovery and part of their work is to contest the criminalisation of youth and the fear displayed by adults.

UK National Health Service Law

Provided by the Socialist Health Association, lists all major Acts of Parliament since 1988 and important statutory instruments since 1987 which affect the public in general, plus some legislation of historic significance, even though it is no longer in force.

Law on the Web

Free legal information, guidance and advice website for individuals devised, built and maintained by a UK solicitor.

Law Society

Represents solicitors in England and Wales but also has a section for the public with guides to common legal issues.

Legal Resources in the UK and Ireland

A completely independent legal website with a set of links to useful legal resources, designed to be of use to the legal community principally in the UK and Ireland.

Legal Aid Agency

An executive agency of the Ministry of Justice, the Legal Aid Agency provides both civil and criminal legal aid and advice in England and Wales.

National Association of Child Contact Centres (NACCC)

NACCC is the supporting membership body for around 350 child contact centres where children of separated families can enjoy contact with their non-resident parents and sometimes other family members, in a comfortable and safe environment.

National Family Mediation

NFM is the umbrella organisation for its charitable member services in England and Wales which all offer high quality family mediation to help families through the process of family breakdown.

Scottish Law Online

Mainly intended to be of use to Scottish lawyers, students and lecturers, the website has links to thousands of legal websites.

Victim Support

A national charity giving free and confidential help to victims of crime, witnesses, their family, friends and anyone else affected across England and Wales.

Victim Support NI

Helps people affected by crime by providing support to victims and witnesses across all of Northern Ireland in offices, courthouses and outreach centres.

Victim Support Scotland

The lead voluntary organisation in Scotland helping people affected by crime.

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