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See the Patient UK Newspaper for a compilation of the most important health news stories.

Other UK health news websites

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BBC Health News

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Health sections of UK national newspapers

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British Medical Journal (BMJ)

Weekly news section of the BMJ. Aimed at doctors but of interest to all.

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News from the Department of Health

The newsdesk from the Department of Health includes official NHS health news and press releases. You can search and browse through current and past news stories.

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Healthcare Today

A round-up of healthcare news from the UK and around the world includingthe best live news feeds and blogs - and a range of interactive tools..

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NewsNow updates every 5 minutes. No specific health section but easy to use search facility enables health topics in the previous 30 days to be found quickly. Superb general news site.

Non-UK websites

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(US site) - The health news section from an extensive US news site. Searchable for past topics. Updated daily.

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CNNs Health News

(US site) - Comprehensive up to date news on a wide range of health issues. Has a search facility to find articles of interest.

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Reuters Health Information Services

(US site) - This daily news feed of approximately 15 stories per day provides consumers with in-depth medical information that is easy to understand.

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USA Today Health News

(US site) - Daily health news stories with a searchable archive

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