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What is Medline®?

Medline® is a database of the US National Library of Medicine. It indexes more than 4000 medical journals published from many countries from 1966 onwards. By using a powerful searching tool it finds references (many with abstracts) to published research and articles written about a disease, condition, treatment, etc. Medline® is used extensively by health professionals who do literature searches for research, etc. Medline® may be helpful for a patient looking up a condition or treatment, but the language used may be rather technical for non-medical people.

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Medline® - search via Pubmed®

The search box in Pubmed (link above) searches Medline. See here for an explanation to the question ...'What's the difference between Medline® and PubMed®'?

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BioMedSearch is an enhanced version of the NIH PubMed search that combines MedLine®/PubMed® data with data from other sources to make the most comprehensive biomedical literature search available. The site is free. You don't have to register but if you do you can use portfolios to save documents, share documents (and comment on them) between users, and set up automatic alerts.

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