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UK sources of information and / or support

Telecare involves the use of electronic sensors and aids that make the home environment safer so that people can live at home, independently, for longer.

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Telecare services for older people

An information leaflet from the Department of Health.

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The Telecare LIN

The national network supporting local service redesign through the application of telecare and telehealth to aid the delivery of housing, health, social care and support services for older and vulnerable people.

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Telecare Services Association (TSA)

The representative body for the telecare industry within the UK.

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WSD Action Network

Aims to combine research, educational and experiential learning opportunities to examine the progress and impact of telecare and telehealth in enabling long-term conditions management. In addition to the website, a key element will be to provide networking events and research and development activities.

See also the Patient UK medical equipment page of links which provides links to providers of medical equipment / devices / gadgets / aids / mobility shops etc.

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