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See also the Patient UK page on immunisation and the pages on travel-related conditions, eg DVT, malaria, typhoid, yellow fever, etc.

Air travel and pregnancy

Information from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

Air Travel for People Affected by Chest, Heart and Stroke Ilness

Information from Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland.

Am I fit to fly?

Information from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Blood Care Foundation

A charitable, not for profit organisation, the Foundation operates a Blood Care Programme, which is designed to provide screened blood, in an emergency, to its members in any part of the world.

Cover your healthcare abroad

Information from NHS Choices.

Disabled Travel Guide

Advice and information for disabled and mobility restricted passengers travelling through UK Airports.

Fit for Travel

Information from the NHS Scotland.

Foreign Travel Advice

Information from GOV.UK.

For travelling

Information from the Electrical Safety Council.

Going on holiday

Information from the British Lung Foundation.

Health and well being

Information from British Airways.


Provides an online tool to establish if malaria is a risk on a trip and allows travellers to get any antimalarials they may need - either online, with mail order delivery, or from pharmacies or clinics using the knowmalaria service.

National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC)

Commissioned by Public Health England, NaTHNaC seeks to improve the quality of travel health advice given by GP practices, travel clinics, pharmacies and other healthcare providers, and provide up-to-date and reliable information for the traveller, travel industry and national government.

Nomad Travel and Outdoor

Provides travellers with clothing, equipment, books and maps, medical supplies and vaccinations.


An Australian company which provides reliable and properly maintained travel medicine software products for health professionals and intending international travellers.

Travel Doctor

An interactive web site providing travel health information for UK travellers and customised medical kits for expeditions, global adventure travellers and holiday makers.

Practical advice and reviewed links to web pages and resources on travel health and medicine.  Recommended for those travelling abroad for business and pleasure.

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