Updates to your forum

We've been working on bringing some new features to your discussion forums to give you an even better experience, and we're almost there! We wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to some of the new functionality before it launches in the next few weeks.

Know as soon as someone replies to your posts and keep track of your activity across the forum with the new user control panel.

Easily jump to your groups and discussions whenever you want to, from anywhere in the forums.

  1. Your name and avatar
  2. Your total posts and private messages
  3. Notifications - know when someone has replied to your topics and posts
  4. Activity - keep track of what you've been doing in the forums
User control panel

All new Category and Group pages

We've joined up our groups into new categories, so more people will see what you post
See the newest discussions in categories and groups and help out people with their problems
See the most popular groups in each category for quick links through to discussions
An aggregated list of all the discussions in this category or group.
Category page

New look discussion view

Vote for discussions that you think will be helpful to others
Reply direct to the person that started the discussion and help them get answers and feel supported!
Reply to other users that have responded to the discussion poster and comment on their answers with nested comments!
You will even be able to upload images to the forum to help other users help you
Vote for peoples' replies that you think are good and help the discussion poster
Thread page

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