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Why am I hear and why do i feel sometimes that I am alone.

I do not understand why I feel my life is constantly upside down.

I struggle with this life and all that it throws at me, I don't see other people having all the problems that I have.

My family are no help, no one seems to be aware of how I really feel.

I am constantly fighting with my in inner thoughts, I'm being pulled this way or that way which way do I turn.......

When Trying to slow down my thoughts to make some sense of my life I receive many answers and are told that there is a bigger to our life which will unfold as we go forward and we should try and take every step gently and not be too harsh on ourself.

We cannot see the future.

We are in the present here and now, we should try and forget the past it has gone we cannot change it.

Being human is a struggle, but realizing that there is a force a power within us guiding us helping to give us direction will make that struggle seam less and less.

We learn by our mistakes, is it possible that is learning we grow and gain strength and wisdom, even if we make a mistake on something we will hopefully remember and take a different route the next time.

Our awareness of life is changing because we can and will make a difference with each step, we are always looking for answers but i know the answers will unfold as we grow.

Thinking this way will raise our self esteem just thinking like this will give us hope, if I can try and be positive with my thoughts who cares what the future will bring, I will be ready for the future when it arrives by dealing with the present the Here and Now.

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    What a load of rubbish ,,if I may say ..

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      Morning John.. I said it ,,because you were embracing EVERYONE under your

      umbrella of misery. We all go down occasionally into the "Oh dear me " ,Looking back is too late ,looking forward entirely depends on where you want to go, with

      whom, and why. Sitting in the present ,is reality. and, as you say .things may change, BUT ,,they will change only if you make them change ..Your life, your decisions...All in your hands. Life is not a belief ,it is an action .you either do it ,or wait for it to happen ,as you appear to be doing.

      Yes ,I did read it ,as you wanted people to do, and I gave my opinion.I have now

      explained my opinion, Not Shallow as someone with no concept of reason said.

      You will move on ,but it will take some effort from YOU, and only YOU.

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    Whoever on here said this is rubbish is very shallow. Some people may believe in this, some may not this is a depression forum you may tip people over the edge by telling them it is rubbish. It's a different way to think.

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    Hi John - whatever works for you is good and doesn't need an 'okay' from anyone else. We don't see the issues others have, we all present a public face and although someone can appear cheerful (I was a joker all my life) they can be hiding a pain that defies description - there are no attempts to describe it as the energy is all about covering it up, and revealing it (as I'm sure most on this site will have experienced( alienates you. People assume you are suddenly dangerous, violent, a liar and to be treated with caution and/or kid gloves. Self medication with booze, drugs, sex, gambling - whatever, anything to dull the pain and try to be "like everyone else" - is a common path, creating a whole new raft of difficulties. It's all a journey and thankfully that journey in these shoes is finite. Good luck with your future and don't let the b******s get you down.

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    Hi John,

    Thanks for sharing, such an honest & insightful approach. I too have similar thoughts and struggled with 'expectations' which came with the disheartening realisation others either didn't understand or just didn't care. Taking a different route is what I did also and this is why I want to share on your 'here & now'.

    Some years back, I started to absorb the teachings of Tolle, it gave me a surge of positivism, I understood that all the expectations of ourselves and of others is our ego. When concentrating in the now, nothing would or could bring me despair. There was much to it, meditation, relaxation techniques and the constant thought process of being in the present gave me real acceptance and more contentment. I became aware that being in the present is the only place we can be. It wasn't an easy process as outside influences brought me back to old ways (again, the ego). It took quite some time before I became fully immersed.

    Practicing daily, the sleep pattern was better, conversations with others better, i.e. no egoic expectations. Over analytical thoughts lessened, (no revisiting the past as my awareness knew it would serve me pain) and the hyper-sensitivity reduced, (no thinking about what others thought, I lecture, so others responses bothered me at times). I actually thought I'd cracked it so to speak.

    After some time I started to question the ramifications of not thinking or dealing with the past.

    In a way, I was dealing with it by being present but was I healing? Was I running away from the pain?

    Confused by it all, I took off in my car for a few days and heard some people talking in a cafe about other people (in a negative way), I knew instinctively that they were in their past, that their ego was displaying the inner conflict and how detrimental it was. I knew then, being in the present was the right path, for me.

    It's not easy, an uphill struggle at times as the ego returns with a vengeance reliving the maladaptive pain thoughts and obviously there is the neuro chemical side to think of. Though the more I deal with the ego, the more It pushes me to want to stay in the present. I think a mix of being present and good therapy works, so taking it easy.

    You've raised some real valid points. I hope that your present is healing for you. If you want to talk further on the subject, more than happy to.

    Take care.

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    I think that when you are in the depths of a serious depression it is impossible to be positive or have any hope. There is no motivation and all you want to do is isolate and stay indoors and in bed! This is when you must understand not to believe in the depression thoughts as they are false. You need to listen to those who love you as they will guide you in the best way to seek and use medical help.

    If you have milder depression or when it eases a lot of what you say makes sense. x

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    By the way .the spelling is HERE, not HEAR ..!!!!!

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    can we talk John?

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