12 girl going out of her mind with worry!

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i am a 12 year old girl who has had a headache and migrane combo for 12 weeks now and i have started pizotifen which has stopped the migranes and made the headache bearable. my only sideaffects are being very hungry- any snack advice?, a little drowsy, good as i don't sleep well, light headedness and having a dry mouth, any ideas. but this morning i woke up and m incredibly bloating, i look like i'm pregnant. normally i bloat in the evenings and everyone says it is my agree  with my period around the corner. but this was incredibly painful from the top to the bottom. not the usual crampy pain morre like a period pain. is this a side effect?

i'm gonna got to a pharmasict and have the GP in 3 weeks.

sorry for any spelling mistakes, i'm only twelve!

many thanks 


ps: you can see the original here


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    Hello Jemma,

    I have read your post as well as your original post too.

    Your symptoms sounded a lot like mine when I first started suffering from severe migraines with stroke-like symptoms and intense headaches from about the age of 15 or so (possibly more 16). I am now 18 and was also prescribed Pizotifen 1.5mg as a means of prophylaxis and therefore to take it every night at the age of about 17 or so and therefore took the medication for a fairly long time. I stopped taking it gradually from about mid-April this year due to it causing a lot of symptoms of depression (which is a known side effect)

    I also had the side effect of increased appetite but found that I personally did not put on weight because I have a very fast metabolism and I am quite tall. This is a common side effect and I have read many threads on Patient.info about men and women of various ages taking this medication and gaining a lot of weight.

    Therefore, my best advice would be to keep a more detailed diary. You need to write down what you had to eat for each meal, what time, and how you felt afterwards. Plus keep a diary of your water and caffeine intake (coffee/tea/coke drinks etc.); as well as what you have done that day: a stressful day in school or a relaxed day at home? And whether or not you had a migraine or any migraine symptoms, how long did it last? Etc. etc.

    This will allow you to have a controlled balanced diet by making healthy food choices and prevent you from gaining too much weight, it may also allow you to find out your migraine triggers - this could be dehydration from not drinking enough water, or from consuming too much caffeine, it could be stress, too much chocolate etc. Personally, I don't have a trigger but most people do, and in future you can try to avoid those things.

    Pizotifen is a preventative medication that works well for most people but it is a strong medication that is targeting the biochemistry of the brain and so side effects or inevitable, as with most medications. Therefore as patients, we have to decide whether the side effects are out weighed by the benefits. Are you able to cope with these side effects if it means the frequency, severity and duration of your migraines is reduced? 

    Also, speak to your doctor about Sumatriptan, it is an excellent medication that for me stops migraine attacks within minutes - but again, the side effects are not at all pleasant and can last up to 10 hours for me, however, I usually find that my migraine episodes come on in the late evening, and the Sumatriptan makes me sleepy and so I can usually sleep through the side effects and wake up fine. 

    I don't take the Pizotifen anymore and admit I do get an occasional headache but it's nothing that 2x co-codamol and ibuprofen can't sort out. On the now rare occasions that I do get a migraine, they are short lived thanks to the Sumatriptan. And so I would consider my experience of treatment a success. My nan also suffered exactly the same when she was my age but no longer suffers now. Therefore it can be resolved but differs from person to person. Although it can be depressing, annoying and upsetting to suffer from this condition, don't give up home, try to concentrate on your studies at school and I'm sure that all will work out. Medical advances are being made all the time in the study of neurology and migraines. Good luck! x

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    thanks so much for taking your time to reply, are you good at writing and description? i will begin a diary on monday and keep everyone informed. thanks again,

    take care


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    hi all you haven't  heard from me for a while and i have the doctors tuesday which i will post about then but the pizotien has stoppede most  migranes and made my headache bearableish

    from the chiropractor i have a really stiff nrck, could physo be the answer?



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    hi jack29945, i am on propranalol 40mg and i have only had 3 migraines this month, better than one everyday! i am seeing a psychologist so things are all good smile
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    Today is the day. Exactly a year today. I feel hopeless some days. Where have we got? One diagnosis; some medication. All for this: this body: this useless cage I'm trapped in. Watching everyone else have a good life and watching myself break into pieces. Wrecked, this year has wrecked me. It's wrecked friendships; people who lied to me; people who were selfish. This year has helped me make friends and stand up for myself more. I don't want to lift that chair, I have pain. And guess what, I'll ask for help. Sometimes, I wonder why me? I think, I don't know, I may never know. But sometimes you have to cling to the light; even when your body seems to be a train wreck. You may notice I use only negative words. This is because the only good thing that happened this year, is that I got a hamster. Shout out to Bilbo! Without him I'm not even sure if I would be sat here typing. My pain is worsening, and if it is fibromyalgia, it will continue to worsen. Things will get worse, so right now  is important. Seize the day. Sometimes you feel no one loves you and keep the insides of your mind close to your chest. When we loose those around us; we have only our thoughts. But sometimes we have to let go; we have to reach out. Who know's? One day I could better- one day I could be normal again. But who wants to be normal? I hope this post reaches you and your heart. I hope things get better. But it's OK if I don't.

    ?Because I am a better person now.

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