13 weeks post op update!

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Hi everyone,

Hope you are all doing well and progressing. I am now 13 weeks post op and doing resonably well.

Finished my 2 contract shifts at work this week, still feeling exhausted, but coping. Did feel a bit more sore this week, my 2nd shift spent on seat at checkout ( 5 hours a bit too long so stood for last 45 mins) a little too much pressure from lower abs on pelvic floor. Having said that it was a busy Monday holiday and although managed to avoid packing most of the heavier items, still felt the strain of the constant packing of lighter items.

Anyhow don't think any damage done just a little sore, nippy, and uncomfortable, lower back and lower front muscles achy but have recovered now.

Had a GP appointment yesterday to discuss using vagifem. Told her I had heard that some ladies with prolapse repairs have used it before and after op to help the walls, but had heard I would need monitored being on thyroxine.

She wondered why I would need it as it's usually used for irritation which I don't have, and asked who told me as they are talking rubbish. She then asked if I had any problems or used it before.

I said that hospital said I must have week walls as my 1st repair had failed, and consultant had said to make sure and get letter for employer advising light duties as I always have to be careful of down pressure, and she said why can't they give you a letter?

Anyway she had already advised light duties before returning to work and as they are coming and going a bit to leave it just now but get in touch if any problems. Work reviewing situation in 4 weeks.

She did prescribe me vagifem and said to come back in 2 months. Hoping that vagifem will help build the muscles up in internal walls a bit quicker.

I am out and about a little more but not managing so many walks, doing more household tasks and still resting plenty too. Intend to resume swimming again this week, maybe tonight or tomorrow.

My 2 shifts were Sunday and Monday, and had to rest when I got home also rested up on Tuesday, back to normal this morning so hope to get my routine going again.

Hope this helps some of you too see some light at the end of the tunnel.

Phyl x☺☺☺

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    Hi phyl

     well done you are doing amazing, the bloody doctors don't talk to each other at all it can be very frustrating carnet it.

    i have dicided to do phone calls and email from next week  at home with a lot of brakes in between, not going to do a lot of driving till week 12, when did you start to drive?


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      Sorry Gillian I don't drive never learned. Hubby is driving me back and forward for first month or two.

      That's a good plan to work from home for a while and as you say take a lot of breaks; that way you will have far more control over how much you do!

      Doc did say she would write another fit for work note, but problem is if as my daughter said they can dismiss you if they have no light duties I'd be out of work and as they are accommodating to some extent probably best to leave it and see how things go.

      But you are right there is lack of communication between docs and consultants, GPS def... have limited knowledge on recovery. I hate this passing the buck, who is responsible for what when it comes to advisory letters!

      Look after yourself, and carefull not too overdo the working from home. Don't forget to have a walk about every hour or so!

      Phyl x☺

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      Hi Gillian;

      I didn't get to walk about once an hour, too busy, but had option of standing whenever I wanted whole working.

      But I know that if in office work sitting at desk the advice is to get up and walk about at least once an hour for 5/10 mins.


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    Hi my consultant told me vagifem helps strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and because the dose is so small the risks are lower, how soon after your first op did your prolapse fail, I was hoping to return to work on week 12 but I'm a housekeeper at our local hospital and never stop , I did expect to feel better after the repair bvvvutr still in pain, I'm week 6
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      Hi Melons,

      Not absolutely sure how soon prolapse failed 1st time, when they took catheter out along with the pack, the pack pulled on the stitches and I had a very heavy bleed, they had a look and stitches had come out, they managed to stop the bleeding by cauterizing

      But was never stitched again. However was not aware that repair had failed until around 4/5 months when aware that what i thought was swelling had still not went down, so went to doc and was told that mild rolapse still there. It was no where near as bad as before and with lots of physio managed it till recently when it progressively got worse again.

      Wish I had known about vagifem last time it may have helped strengthen muscles along with physio I was getting and just maybe the repair may have lasted longer.

      Phyl x☺

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      Bless you, I was allergic to the pack (they assume) as had rather a lot of swelling, I have now it has more to support take care top prolapse that the consultant left as she said it felt strong enough but I still get that dragging feeling so hoping it hasn't come down more (I had a hysterectomy 16yrs ago,which hasn't helped the weakness) lm also on oestrogen patches to help, take care xx
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      I've heard Matron saying that repairs very rarely fail as they are now only done by urogynacologist who are specially trained to do repairs.

      Ist time round I was back on my feet very quickly so was most lightly overdoing things too. Unfortunately at that time was not aware of the forum and as you know very little info on discharge from hospital.

      I think as long as we areceive careful and follow matrons advice along with what our consultant advises then all should be fine.

      Most important is the listening to your body which is easier 2nd time around as we kind of know what to expect and have a better idea of what to avoid.

      I'm sure your swelling is probably where the stitches are/were and will soon go down.

      Take care and plenty rest, x☺

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    Dear Phyl 

    Well done Phyl, you sound quite chipper! Vagifem may help to 'plump' up the tissue inside the vagina, it can also help with added moisture. When the vaginal walls become dry (atrophy) the skin thins and becomes very brittle and unconfortable. Even an examination with one finger could be excrutiatingly painful and cause bleeding. By keeping the tissue plumped up and moist it helps improve your comfort, and prevent painful friction. (when even walking hurts!)

    However, it will not build pelvic floor muscles, or strengthen the supporting ligaments - only exercise can do that - I wonder if that is what your GP was referring to? 

    At work - most certainly insist you have to have light duties, The success of your 2nd operation could well rely on it, and your health and wellbeing is paramount. Sadly, many line managers and employers just don't get what a woman goes through with this operation, and the continuing care that must be taken.

    Keep strong Phyl, but fight your corner - especially if a manager say 'Oh Phyl, 'Just do this or that' (involving non light duties) - it's at times like this, especially in a few weeks time when you're feeling even stronger when it can be easy to forget. 

    I wish you continued strength!

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      Hi stephanie,

      You are probably right, I have probably caused confusion there as I was under impression that if the walls are plumped up it would help strenghthen the vag... walls a little while working on pelvic floor muscles and swimming to strengthen and tone all pelvic and abdominal muscles.

      So vagifem may be a waste of time then?

      My work has no light duties available, but has shown willingness to be flexible with my shift's My Sunday shift involves being on my feet for 5 hours, so they have agreed to split my shift so I'm only on feet for half the shift which includes my break and the other half I get to sit at checkout, we normally offer to pack. So while still offering to pack I am only packing light thongs and shoving through heavier items and leaving them to pack those items themselves. We have hand scanners for cases of beer , soft drinks and anything heavier, so either catch them before they put these on the belt or ask them to lift them off themselves. My boss said not to lift anything heavy that I can't cope with under any circumstances and if needed to ask line manager for help and if necessary to phone her direct. So feel like u am getting lots if support!

      Monday shift I am normally on the checkout for 5 hours, was a bit worried about sitting so long but always have the option of standing, but is heavy going with constantly pushing even light weight items for all that time They were meant to split the shift again and give me some time away from the packing, but I think they forgot as we were so busy. Will be ready next week to remind them.

      Doing lots of pelvic floor exercisea all the time, not been swimming over last 2 weeks too shattered after work and raking a few days to recover. Intend to start back thus week either tonight or 1st thing tomorrow and build up to twice a week.

      Thank you so much for advice, do not want to end up jobless so will be very careful at work, don't want to go through another repair if I can help it.

      Phyl x☺

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      Hi Phyl

      No, by all means use the Vagifem, it contains estradiol hemihydrate, which is a naturally occuring form of the main female sex hormone. This will help to keep the skin and walls 'plumped' up. Localised oestrogen treatment is great for women with atrophy (dryness). I just didnt want you to think that it would make the muscles strong, only exercise can do that effectively. But if you think of your pelvic floor as a piece of steak, its the difference between a saggy minute steak with no elasticity (weak one) and a plump supportive fillet. - a strong supportive one.

      Yes you'll have reduced hormones as we all do as we age/hysterectomy, and this localised treatment will make things more comfortable, but the more you exercise your pelvic floor muscles, the more you will get the circulation flowing again, and blood brings oxygen which feeds the tissues and fibres. Think fillet Phyl!

      Best wishes

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      Thanks Stephanie,

      Appreciate the input will give it a go just a bit worried it's going to interfere with thyroxine levels and escalate my weight gain.

      I have an underachievement thyroidectomy and according to notes on research by manufacturers can interfere with

      Synthetic thyroxine.

      Have gained a stone plus since last year and struggling to loose it.

      I am hoping if even I manage to use it for a couple of months while I'm working on pelvic floor muscles and swimming, that this will help.

      Seriously switching to lots of salads, lean meats and wholemeal/grains, with lots of fruit, veg and water.

      Back at swimming last night, feel good thus morning.

      Phil x☺☺☺

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    Glad you are getting help.  Please tell me, what is "down pressure"?  I just had a second repair after 1st surgery failed at 6 weeks post op.  I want to do everything right, but don't know what it is, and the restriction to avoid it.  Thank you
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      Hi Dorothy,

      I assume that down pressure would mean when you attempt to lift something that is too heavy and the lower ab muscles crush the pelvic floor, as can happen when you bend to lift something heavy off the floor. So I am avoiding anything heavy that I know I can't cope with and if and when I lift anything lighter I try to remember to have one foot forward with knee bent then hold item to my chest so that my upper body takes the weight and this should protect my lower back and my pelvic floor.

      Pysiotherapists are usually best people to talk to about weight bearing they can give you exercises to help strenghthen the pelvic floor and explain how to avoid lifting in the wrong way!

      Was told I will always have to be very careful, I am probably more lightly to do damage at home at thus stage, have avoided any spring cleanon but is very difficult knowing that some corners, cuboards, and skirting boards badly need done!

      Hope thus helps; x☺


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