14 onths HIV test negative. Gastro says to have another HIV test to be sure?

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My very high risk encounter was in august of 2016-

my last HIV test was in october 2017.

I have oral thrush in my mouth and have done for 2 years nearly 

mildly swollen glands in neck all the time

a rash on my chin that never goes away its dry flaky skin

weight loss

bad digestive issues blood/mucous/undigested food/pain etc

still negative at 14 months im worried so much again now i was so depressed for over a  year worrying fr my health.

why has this doctor issued another HIV test. 

is the 7 tests not accurate?

why am i experiencing these symptoms. what is it that is wrong with me doctors just brush everything under the rug.

i am a 22 year old male.

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    Unless you've had another risky encounter you really don't need another HIV test. If you've been tested for everything I would focus on something else instead. Could be something as simple as a vitamin deficiency 

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      Hi i have had no other encounters since august 2016-

      the picture below i took around a year and a half ago there is another next to it which was about 9 months. ago .

      i took a pic about a week ago and showed my gastro one i havent' seen before as my usual gastro wasnt IN.

      he confirmed it was thrush- i said it wasnt because ent and what not said it wasnt- i kenw it was personally myself as i know doctors are very very i dont know the correct word unprofesional may be the correct analogy for this. but im sure i have something wrong ith me i am past the HIV stage of worrying. this doctor has made me worry again i ahd a whole year and a half of constant worrying if i had been infected,


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    I wouldn't worry any further. Great news is that you tested negative to all the tests; that's all, to me, that matters. I feel very strongly that most of your symptoms, especially GI, are psychological. Weight loss isn't a surprise because you spend most of your time worrying about everything. Naturally, you'd gain back your weight once you put your mind to rest.

    As for the doctor's prescription of yet another test, he's only crossing his "Ts" and doting his "Is" to be sure that he's done everything in his capacity; shouldn't be a reason to freak out. Some of what you're going through now probably have nothing to do with anything. You may have to give your body and your mind a break. In fact, you have to! Send your worries on vacation and relax your mind. Good luck!!

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      Crossing the ts and the i's is really hard to take in to be honest, i felt as if a gastro shouldnt be telling me to take a test waaaaaaaay past the testing accuracy dates. its made me really paranoid once again. 

      but in any doubt could all these tests be unaccuarate?

      all the tests were blood tests from my veins in my arm. and one 2 from my finger-

      one was a 60 seconf prick test and one i had 2 send off the others all in glum clinics and hospitals from gastro etc.

      so what is this.

      i am relativly healthy- 


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      It's also possible that the doctor is testing for other things, and you've got to also bear in mind that many diseases have multiple symptoms in common. As Steve pointed out, you've been tested way past the symptoms manifestation window and you still came out negative in all. In all honesty, I don't think you should still be worried, unless you got exposed recently; that is, within the past six months.

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    If you don't have any new risks, then there really would be no reason to take another test.  HIV tests are known to be fairly sensitive (accurate in picking up the infection) and usually by 6 weeks (assuming you took a gen iv test) your test would be conclusive. Some clinics say 12 weeks as well - which again, you are way past. The only times that you would typically test beyond these time frames would be if you were on antiviral treatment, if you are being treated for chemo, if you are taking HIV prevention drugs or you have some immuno disease - which would have been from childhood. I assume none of this applies to you... If you are negative at 14 months and after repeated tests...  YOU ARE NEGATIVE for HIV.

    Not sure if this is out of line, but are you dealing with bad anxiety over this? 

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      also suffering with sensitive eyes to sunlight literally so hard to keep eyes open they water.  and just feel so tired and unable to keep open  i have to stay out for ages to ge tthem use to the light?

      what the hell is up with me sad

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    I had sex with a male i was the one receiving he had made me bleed before and ejaculated inside - we had been seeing eachothr for aroun a year/// just under- i was only seeing him and was only axtive with this one guy, i got suspicious- an he rang me up confessing he may have gven me HPV  so i freaked,

    he was saying all types of things- any who-  he was actie with other people i wasnt- so i got tested in august the last timr we had sex wa in august 2016- so i then had all these symptoms-

    had a test in 

    august neg

    sep neg

    oct neg

    nov neg 

    feb neg

    may neg

    now awaiting results on june test 2018. nearly 2 years after exposure- 

    tongue has LUMPS inside not outside but atualy inside the front protion of my tongue- they hurt and ache my tongue alot

    again oral thrush- ive bene misdiagnosed with thrush by ent-maxillofacial- dentists etc 


    example of these pics i took it looks exactly the same

    my glands hurt alot. the pics i showed my gastro a new pic i took those ones are old. he said to em it looks like thrush and i said ent- and maxilio has confirmed it isnt and i shudlnt worry- 

    bleeding, mucous, and watery stools if not watery mushy- sticky etc

    rash under lip looks dry and also around my noes too.

    could this guy have been HIV+ and passed on oral thrush-

    still doesnt explain ghthe painful glands  supraclavicular  in the eck and under my jawline on both sides and the ones on my ifht side of my neck hurt alot and there is about 8 onmy right side swollen.

    any ideas?

    gstro said he wil do some xrays- or cts on my bowels and check for any lymphoma. 

    but i was healthy bfore all this happened?

    i have not had any risky encounters ever since 2016. 

    thank you.

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      Yes, this is a higher risk situation - and you know that. But, I think you can conclude that you are HIV negative based on the testing. You should not expect a positive test result at 2 years w/ no new exposures. It may be time to start looking for something else after your test comes back negative again.

      You symptoms seem pretty common to many of the people on this forum... I did look at the image of the tongue and thought the bumps were normal and looked like vallate papillae, which everyone have (some larger than others). 

      Oral thrush is caused by an overgrowth of of candida (fungal infection of yeast), which is caused by a weakened immune system. You would be able to scrape off a coating of yeast. It would have been recognized by your dentist/ent. Now, a white tongue could often be confused with thrush by a non-expert and also due to anxiety, medicine or a number of things. 

      Also, you may want to see another doctor. A gastro would specialize in the digestive system, but you have symptoms elsewhere. Maybe go talk with an infectious disease specialist - if this is your primary concern.

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    I did a biosure test

    Guess what the bloody gastro was an idiot and forgot to issue the hiv test even though I asked him will I be having it that day and he replied yes. 

    Anyway the biosure hiv test was negative. I was completely running my self down thinking why have I got to test again having thoughts that all the doctors have been wrong all along and that I do have hiv 

    But I don’t and I knew I didn’t after my last test. It didn’t make sense to me, still made me anxious after those 16 min were over it was all over for me. I felt so relived. 

    I have got a colonoscopy coming up on 27th June and a mri of my bowel areaill post updates

    I have really painful swollen glands itchy all the time sometimes maybe the gastro was righ an maybe it has something to do with lymphoma maybe 

    Thanks guys 

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