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Hi all

Im currently on day 7 of flu and apart from headaches and feeling sick (yeah I know it is part of the side effects - but OMG :shock: ) I tend to just sleep !!!!!!! Honestly - I can sleep all night (well on and off as I wake up loads - oh joy ) and then spend most of the day asleep as well - is this normal or am I being incredibly lazy :roll:

Ive been signed off work for the past 2 weeks and now have just been signed off again for the next 3 - am I using this as an excuse to do bugger all (not that I have the energy or the inclination to do anything) or is it as the doc says and my way of dealing with the stress is to sleep????

Ive spent the last few days reading the forums and have to say they are a great help - just to know that there are peeps out there who know what this is like - so a BIG thank you to all who post :D

Im not usually someone who talks about my issues (probably why Im on flu) but somehow it seems easier to waffle on to the pc monitor than to actually admit Im struggling to peeps around me.

Anyway - I just wanted to say hello

All the best

Nicky x

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    Hello Nicky :D and welcome to the site

    I'm on 19th day of flu and am finding some of the side effects subsiding like the nausea and headaches. The sleepiness is kind of wearing off but I feel the need to lie down around 5.00pm and I can still crash out when my head hits the pillow about 10.30pm! I don't know about you but I've been having weird dreams - two nights ago I was dreaming of my friend's cat having a good chit chat with me! LOL

    As for work, I can't work right now until I get myself sorted and I honestly don't know how long thats going to take. I personally think its good that you've managed to take time off work because these early days on flu can really leave you wiped out.

    I love everyone on this site, they're so supportive and most of all we all have something in common.

    Great to hear from you. Take care and I hope things get better for you :cheers:

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    Hi Nicky,

    I think its different for all of us when we start. I've been taking flu for 2 months now and to begin with I had different effects from the ones you describe. What I can add is that they pass.

    I had weird dreams too to begin with, thats if I COULD sleep! If I find a weird dream post I may share it (only its so strange for me to remember them, I don't usually) I'm sure it would make someone smile :D

    The one thing that most of people I have talked to all have in common is that wish to beat themselves up for how they feel. I do too, I'm great at it and I'm sure thats one reason I'm now taking flu. Give yourself a break, if your body and mind want to sleep to begin with let them.

    This will pass.

    I hope this helps and like you describe I'm not a person that usually talks about feelings (for the longest time I didn't have any to talk about) but using this site has made me feel less isolated.

    Have a good day,


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    I was lucky with side effects. A bit of nausea but nothing else.

    However, now, 7 weeks in (I thought it was longer!) I have headaches and some very bizarre dreams. But I don't feel miserable and shaky so that is a plus.

    The headache is a bit of a bugger as paracetamol won't touch it. But.......

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    hiya nicky :cheerup:

    dont forget nicky, excessive sleeping/chronic fatigue, aches and pains and feeling as tho your wearing lead diver's boots is a major symptom of depression :? but heh, if ya dont beat yourself up over it, it can be quite nice lol :shock: :wink: it sure as hell beats the crap outa NOT being able to sleep !!!!! :ok: :whistle:

    ive been on fluoxetene for over 4 months and am still sleeping up to 12 hours a day, i usually need at least one, 2 hour kip on the couch most days, the need to sleep feeling can be truly overwhelming at times grrrrrrrr :? before going on fluoxetine i was sleeping 16, yes, SIXTEEN hours a day, every day :shock: the rest of the time i felt like i was trying to swim in treacle, i ached all over and my limbs felt like lead, it was a major effort to make a cup of tea :cry: if the olympics had a sleeping catagory, i could win all the gold medals, no sweat lol :ok: :mrgreen:

    behappy, what do cats do when they are poorly, yes you got it, they go to sleep until they feel better :wink: he was probably telling you to do the same !!!!! lol :shock: :roll: :blackcat:

    anyhooooos, enough of my ramblings, take care peeps, be selfish, look after yourselves :ok:


    Ken ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :cheers: :rainbow:

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    Hi there Ken (psychochief)

    Hmm... maybe you've got a point about the cat! :lol: You sure know how to cheer us up Ken! You've got me smiling smile I'm probably sleeping for about 11 hours a day and am just going along with it.

    Have a nice day!

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    WOW :shock: Thank you so much for all the replies !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im gobsmacked - actually Im now in tears as Ive just walked in from being out for a few hours and found a crowd of kids (obviously my kids invited them - I hope :roll: ) watching a dvd in the lounge and Ive just had a right go at my eldest - bloody hell is that normal???? They were'nt being loud or noisy - just sat watching a film - what on earth is wrong with me???????

    I feel really awful - cant go down and apologise as they will see Ive been crying - this just isnt fair on them :cry:

    I know everyone has different side effects - but come on - shouting at your kids for doing kid things - WTF????????

    Ive not slept at all today - was determined to make myself have a \"normal\" day (tho to be honest I dont know what normal is anymore) - sorted the washing, made food, went to get groceries, even shaved my legs :shock: :shock: :shock: and I actually felt ok - well, absolutely knackered but ok and now this.

    Even as Im sat here in bed (yeah Im such a coward I wont go back downstairs) I realise how much I over reacted.

    Oh well, tomorrow, as they say, is another day - maybe I should spend it sleeping - think I would like to come back as a cat :lol:

    As for the weird dreams - unless Im actually asleep and not realising it nope - no dreams for me BUT I do spend hours in a day dream (does that count) about old things that I wish I hadnt done or in some cases wish I had done - Im not one to regret things in life (well, I never used to be) but at the moment I am kind of re-living past things - most bizarre !!!!!!!!!

    Right, Im finished with my rant - thank you again to everyone who replied - really does make a huge difference

    Nite Nite

    Nicky xxxx

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    hiya nicky :cheerup:

    your over reacting to over reacting about the kids nicky, let's face it they are pretty thick skinned, shouting at them now and again should be compulsory lol :wink: it's 'character building' innit ?? :whistle: :ok:

    be carefull about trying to do TOO much, it can back fire on you and knock hell outa you for 2 or 3 days after doing too much, pat yourself on the back for the tasks you complete, but dont beat yourself up about stuff you dont do :ok: 'listen' to what your body is 'telling' you and act accordingly, as you say, live day by day, tomorow is indeed another day 8) :mrgreen:

    try not to dwell on the past and the 'what if, buts etc' what's done is done and there's sod all you can do to change it, is there ?? :huh: :?

    anyhooooooos keep posting, we can help you get through this awfull indiscriminate illness, when you're well enough again, i'm sure you'll do the same for others :mrgreen:

    p.s. give the kids a backhander from me lol :wink: :whistle:


    Ken ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :cheers: :rainbow: :rose:

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    Hi Nicky,

    reading yr post made me very glad I don't have kids. I can take things out on hubby (he's 6ft 7\" and can take it) but having, as a child, been on the receiving end of one of my mum's \"moments\" I am relieved that I can't do the same.

    So, I can be quite honest when I say that having a parent go off on one at you as a teenager rather goes with the territory. To be honest they will be convinced you don't understand em anyway and will expect you to be \"unreasonable\". I was that kid. I survived. it made me a strong person (and I am sure had nothing to do with my mental state now - that is stress related).

    Kids are tough little B's. But I do suggest, when yr feeling more in control, that you sit them down and explain that it is not OK just to invite a load round. They need to let you know in advance \"so that mummy is not surprised when she gets home\". it will also help to give them some boundaries to bounce off. And they will. they will push them as much as they can. You will probably lose it again in the future but from what i can see that is quite normal.

    So, there is an opinion from a non parent (for what it is worth).

    Lelly xx


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