24 weeks pregnant with a large ovarian mass

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Hi Ladies,

I m so happy that I found this forum,I m 37 years now my story start last year. Jan 2013... When I had the most painful period ever, cramps, vomiting, couldn't walk...it was so painful that I thought I m gonna die from pain...just took few strong painkillers and after 2 days I felt better... Around May and juin I had cramps and painful period again ... I didn't go to work for 3 days... Went to see my family doctor who sent me for an ultrasound... Report came back with an ovarian cyst so he refereed me to a gyn who sent me for an ultrasound again ... Report shows an 11cm*9cm*7 they suspect an endometrioma... He told he needs to remove it but since he is booked til October. I should come in October but should do the ultrasound again... He asked me to google endometriosis... So after reading so many stories about endometriosis and how they affect fertility I change my diet completely.... No more meat gluten ,sugar....I got married in Aug And a month later I was pregnant I didn't expect that at all since I have an endometrioma ... Went to see my gyneco who was very understanding and told me that the cyst is stable and we will watch it and come back in jan ... I did an other ultrasound the mass didn't grow .. So he refereed me to a high risk gyn to do the follow up and since I was moving with my husband to an other country couldn't have a chance to see her... I have a new family doc who referred me to a high risk gyn ...In February I went to see her who told me that she prefer not to remove it now since I m pregnant and the mass is stable in size but would recommend a MRI ,she said it should be safe for the baby... And will do an ultrasound every 4 weeks to make sure that the baby is fine.. This week I got a letter from my family doc asking me to do an MRI ... I m not sure what to do I m scared for the baby... I m scared that is a cancer and I m not acting fast... I feel some discomfort from time to time but no pain.. I m 24 weeks... Trying to eat healthy as much as I could... I don't do much to reduce the risk of rupturing or twisting the cyst.... I don't know what to do...I didn't tell my family about my situation,I feel so lonely ... I have friends who are pregnant and happy and glowing... Me I m spending my days on net searching, but couldn't find any case like mine... Don't want to do a surgery while I m pregnant and I don't want to harm my baby by doing an MRI ... This technique is fairly new and they didn't test it on pregnant women yet to see the impact on babies... ,I don't no what to think or do, my family doc is very cold and she doesn't understand my fears ... Please any advice...

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    The mri should not harm the baby at all smile i suggest just keep doing whag you are doing. When i had my cyst i was pretty much in constant pain for months with only a few days here and there when i was pain free. Its good that theh are keeping a check on it too. The reason they do mri scans is so they can see the mass more clearly i had to have 2 when i was diagnosed with mine. Have they done blood tests or anything because thats how they detect if it may be cancerous but even then that isnt always accurate. Maybe you should talk to someone whether its a friend or family member. I know i wouldnt have been able to cope without my partner and friends support. Hope everything goes well smile xx
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    I was talking to a lady who had surgery to remove a cyst whilst she was pregnant and everything was fine. I aimagine they wont want to put you under general anesthetic though unless necessary as I cant imagine that is good for the baby.... but I could be wrong.

    Its quite strange that they have left it for so long when it is quite a considerable size. Mine is pretty much the same (1cm bigger at 12cm by 9cm) and my process has been quite quick after I was diagnosed. I am going for an MRI on Tuesday and will need surgery. I am really frightened too without the extra stress of being pregnant so I cant imagine how you feel!

    I hope that you get some answers and if not, there are loads of lovely women on this site who are going through the same sort of thing (mostly, minus a baby lol )

    I dont think a dr would refer you for an MRI if there was any risk at all of hurting the baby either hun so try not to worry smile

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    Thank you LAura and tb53756 for your support...I have an appointment this Thursday with the high risk pregnancy doc she will perform an ultrasound and decide what's the next step... If the mass is the same sizewhich what I m praying for maybe she will ask me to come back in 4 weeks...

    The surgery is freighting me....especially that I m close to the 3 trimester ....I have read that the safe time to do a surgery is between 16 and 21 weeks.... I m not sure why they didn't do it before and I m now just wondering if I m getting the best care....

    For the MRI , I read that is very loud and it may affect the baby ear ...and since it s a new thechnic no test has been performed on pregnant women....no study can assure if it's safe for babies or no...plus I read that the biopsy is the only way to know the nature of the mass whether is cancerous or not...

    I try my best not to do much... My partner helps me with chores... I stay home most of the time... Try to eat as healthy as I can...

    My partner is against the surgery now.... Even the HRP doc said that she prefer to do the surgery either when I deliver or 6 weeks after the delivery...I m not sure what to do.... So far the mass is not causing me pain....I know is large... I m sorry ladies for bothering you with my fears... I know everyone has enough

    Thank you so much.... And best of luck for everyone.

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    Laura ,I have asked for CA125 and the HRP doc said it won't be accurate since I m pregnant ...

    Tb53756 ,I wish you good luck on your test .

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    Sounds like you are in a very similar boat to me with the size and no pain. sad

    I dont think that the CA125 test is very good anyway so dont worry about that. My dr said all sorts of things can affect it, even where you are in your cycle. Mine came back slightly elevated which isnt very nice and is worrying me.

    When are you going for your next appointment with the doctor? If you dont have any pain they might leave it which is not ideal I know but I dont think that they will leave it if they think that it is "dodgy"

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    My appointment is on Thursday , hope everything will be fine... Today I met a lady who had a cyst but ignore it existence til she was pregnant... Like 10 years ago she was like 24 years old... She told me her doc told was monitoring the cyst by ultrasound, never asked her for MRI , 3 months after she gave birth. They did a keyhole surgery... I think in Canada and USA things are different from UK.... My doc is not that talkative... She is strait forward person... This Thursday I will have a list of question so I can have kind of piece of mind... I m praying hard that I can finish this pregnancy to the term with no complication... When I meet my friends who are prego too ... They r enjoying them self and so happy me I look sad and down,

    I hope they can leave it till I give birth...

    Thank you ladies you are wonderful... Thank you so much.

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