2nd knee replacement

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This is my 2nd TKR and I am at 3 1/2 weeks. It is awful. I am in a lot of pain , which is worse than first.

Not sure what to do because of the pain. I take sleep meds and still can't sleep the pain is so severe. Like others, I am depressed and crying. I had to have the surgery but it has been awful. I didn't have a life before first TKR and still don't after 2nd knee replacement. Anyone else in the same boat.

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    3½ weeks is very early, but if your pain is so bad you should ask your doctor about better pain relief . It's not unusual to be depressed and wonder why you had the TKR , but it does get better . No two operations are the same , recovery can be different every time .

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      This TKR has been a nightmare. I went to rehab after the hospital. Rehab didn't have a scheduled pain med so rehab didn't think I needed pain meds.

      After 3 days, I left. I seem to have this mindset from

      My surgeon's office. The PA removed stitches but gave me wrong pain med RX.  I went to GP. He gave me pain RX but didn't want to. I called surgeon's office to get a prescription and called my GP to return the RX he gave me. (Which I returned) Now the surgeon's office and my GP thinks I am drug shopping so I can't get what I need.  I am 70 years old and just can't comprehend why people are so ignorant. This surgery is awful. The situation has caused immeasurable stress and has made my pain worse. What can I do at this point?

      What does a person do.?

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      I have an appointment with GP for pain med problems today. Nurse just called and told me to go to a pain management doctor which I don't have . The doctor was referring me to one and I haven't had a call with the referral.

      I don't know what I am suppose to do.

      I had in home rehab with first knee. Now I am being told I don't qualify for in home which I do.  Rehab told me to get a taxi or bus to get to rehab. I can't even make it to my car let alone drive. Here I am without rehab and in severe pain.

      Surgeon's office told me to go to emergency room because of the pain. That is a joke. They think all u want r drugs.

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    First...all you guys doing BOTH knees are our heroes!!!!  I still have one to go and am putting it off for another year because the memories are still too fresh.

    Second...  A lot of people on the Forum who had both done separately report that each experience was very different from the other, some better, some worse...no way to tell in advance.

    It may not have happened to you the first time, but Post-Operative Depression is very common in joint replacement patients...


    For sleeping, here are some tips...


    For moral support...


    C'mon...you beat it once, you'll beat it again.  No problem...right?  We're all here for you...

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    The sleep aids won't overcome the pain and allow sleep. Are you taking the pain meds as prescribed....if not, you must do that. If they aren't cutting the pain properly, get back to your primary care Dr immediately. He/she can developed a cocktail of meds for the pain. Ice more frequently and continue to elevate. Increase you fluid intake as well. Make sure you call you Dr asap

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    Hi MaryKay

    If I were you I would call an ambulance or present myself at emergency at hospital and ask for help. I was sent home without medication, only paper scripts on a 4 day Easter weekend from the largest, most famous orthopedic hospital in Sydney. I had my sister call paramedics as I was screaming in agony. Then the fun started. I just demanded solutions and they magically appeared. Be as calm as you can be. Present the facts. Someone will have the intelligence to act. Hopefully! I am at 18 months soon and still have bad days. But even my bad days are better than my good days pre-operative. Get new doctors if necessary. No one knows pain like a kneebie. Except perhaps a terminal cancer sufferer. Do not accept second rate medical care or suffer anymore. x

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      Going to the hospital sounds great. I live in Tallahassee, Fl and we have 2 of the worst hospitals

      in the US.  Emergency room thinks u r a drug seeker.

      My daughter fell and hit her head 5 years ago. She went to both hospitals. They did absolutely nothing.

      They said she was there for drugs. Come to find out that she has a TBI. She almost has her 4 year degree but her memory is really bad now. It took a doctor outside of the ER to diagnose her years later and it is too late. If the ER had treated her,  she would have had a chance of some recovery. I need to find a city and/or state that treats a person with dignity. My GP finally gave me medication that helps with the severity of my knee pain. 

      Any suggestions? I need help.

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      Mary Kay.

      Did you read my post from a few days ago? I suggested that you be referred to a pain management facility. They are the only ones in Florida at least that can and will prescribe pain meds on a consistent basis.

      I live in Florida as well and can tell you from experience the ER is not the place to go for pain. While I have gone to many ER's for knee pain, I have been fortunate that they have prescribed pain meds but only a few day supply. They need to believe that you are really in pain to do so. And most do. If you tell them your pain is less than a 6 or so on their pain scale they will most likely feel that your pain is not severe enough to warrant pain meds.

      I think that it is probably like that in any hospital across the country as we are in the midst of an opioid epidemic and they do.not want to be part of the problem. Additionally, a hospital is not meant for continuing care only for emergency situations.

      I hope you find the relief you are seeking. I feel your pain.

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    Hi Mary Kay.

    It appears that you live in the States. If so you need a good pain management facility. Given the relatively recent strict laws enacted regarding opioids GP's and surgeons are limited as to what they can prescribe and for how long and many of them are also afraid to.

    I have been in pain management since my second arthroscopy when no one would continue to prescribe Tramadol. And now after my tkr as I am still in horrible pain 3 months out. Since I live 3 hours from my surgeon he could only prescribe certain pain meds that could be called into my pharmacy and didn't need a paper prescription.

    I really feel for you and although this is my first and only tkr I can relate to what you are going through.

    Pain management will work with you to find what works and then closely monitor you.

    And definitely read Chico's links. He's got some great advice that's helped me and many others you n this forum.

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    Hi am new to the group. I am 4 weeks post op from TKR left. I am 46 yrs , I wish I would have never done the surgery. I had a rough start with PT meaning the people were a joke. I don't start PT until Sept 6th. I can't bend my knee. Is that bad and will I ever get back to normal?

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      Better to post on your own topic instead of asking Mary for assistance. She's got enough on her plate and it's courteous to ask for assistance or input on your own post.

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    Had my second TKR on the left knee in June 2017 had the first  on the right knee in 2014 

    I am now about 10 weeks post opp. Just like you in the first weeks I was very depressed and crying with the pain , but with lots of phiso and hydrotherapy think I might be just turning a corner . So think we just have to hang in there and let the knee recover  

    i hope your knee will start to improve for you soon but you are not in the same boat  I have been in it too . But it dose get better  hope this helps you to know you are not alone in this journey because  I think it is a hard one to take . I wish you a speedy recovery 

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    This is still very early days Mary. I had a TKR 5 years ago and my main problem was sleeping.

    All I can say is that certainly for me it does get better. Hang in there.

    What has been done has been done and you cannot go back now you have to move forward.

    Are you having any physiotherapy?

    Take care and keep in touch.

    Sarah xxx

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