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Hello everyone,

I have been on 30 mg of mirt now for nearly 6 weeks. I have osteoarthritis and suffer a lot, especialy my nek and hip. Last year i had some really sad experiences in my life (2 really good friends passed away very suddenly and akso my dog after 15 yrs). I work and live in spain and i am 44 yrs of age.I work in a hotel at reception and only work seasonal i.e 6 to 7 months per year. Last august i started feeling very fatigued and had a lot of problems with my neck. I maneged to hang in there till the end of the season but in october i really hit the wall. Major depression and pannick attacks. I first got prescribed citalopram but this did not really help me this time. Previous times I have had minor episodes of depression and citalopram did do the job. This time I really hit the wall . On my birthday last november things got really bad and my girlfriend for 18 yrs and my best mate took me to hospital and from there to a psychiatrist who prescribed me lyrica. 3 x a day x 5 mg. This helped me calm down a lot and i was able to sleep a lot better but was still feeling hortible most days and very tearfull. After also seeing a psychologist weekly i made an appointment with a psychiatrist last march. She stopped the citalopram (10 days weening off) and prescribed me mirt. 15 mg for 4 days than 30 at night time.mentally i feel a lot better most of the time but physicaly i feel drained most days and also have a lot of problems with my neck wich doesnt help I suppose. I do go for long walks and do regular strech exercises. They dont seem to do anything . I feel overly fatigued and extreme stiffness in my neck shoulders arms and legs. Very achy as well. I wondered if this fatigue feeling every day wears off at all? I also started getting teary again more often. I have to start work again in 2 weeks and feel i am not ready for it at all even though deep inside i really want to. i have spoken to work and they seem to think it would do me good. The psychologist thinks so as well but does realize that i have to take it very slowly. I do get anxious again now thinking about working and than not feeling up to it. I felt horrible the last two months last season and fell into a very dark place. i dont ever want to get there again !! My girlfriend has been an absolute star eventhough these last 5 months have been very hard. We normaly do a lot of things in winter but this has been impossible this time. My question is to all of you out there if you have these symptoms on mirt (extreme fatigue and tearfull moments reoccuring ) I do see a lot of improvement compared to 5/6 months ago. I could not even leave the house and my sleeping pattern was all over the place. At least that s got better. Hope to hear from you soon. Love to all of you!!!

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    Forgot to mention that i get dizzy a lot with my neck problems and also have had a full and heavy head feeling for ages now. Seems like a vicious circle. My physical problems bring me down 😳
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      Hi Bozzer, sorry to hear you are where you are. Im 45 and have been taking mirt for the last 3.5 years. They did do their work for me in the beginning and lifted me out of my depression. I have recently felt that they have been hindering more than helping, as I was getting up most days with what i can only describe as a hangover feeling that stayed with me throuhgout the day, evenings were a little better, then i tke my dose and the whole thing started again.I am currently withdrawing which is extremely hard. I would say hang in there for the minute as you have only been on the higher dose for 6 weeks. I would try and see how you feel in another couple weeks, and if things dont improve a bit, go back and tell the Dr. wishing you the best
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    ..."extreme fatigue and tearfull moments reoccuring?"... YES YES YES (or rather, I DID ..I decided to ween myself off Mirtazapine. The Zombie effect and morning rush of acutely gloomy adrenalin filled thoughts immediately upon waking up and generally lousy days ...were clearly making things worse for me. Now ..Propanano without the negativesl is my drug for anxiety/panic attacks.

    Reading your post Bozzer was heart rending...feel for you!

    Are you in the UK or Spain now? (didn't seem to work out where you were posting from)...

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      Hey Karl,

          How are you doing off Mirt. Do you find the propranolol help, what dose do you take, i'm still battling on 15mg, but have done 14 days and about to rotate 15/7.5mg...hoping this finds you well

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      Craig hi ...thanks for msg ..wishing you well as always..

      Generally I feel/sense a marked improvement. Meaning to say I don't seem to be plagued with extreme fatigue, morning continuous adrenalin filled thinking about every negative issue, generally feeling lousy, annxious , worrisome chest gripping thoughts, bouts of tearfulness and thoughts my life was over etc etc .

      Now that said, as a highly strung person who has struggled with depression, poor mental health, anxiety for many years and who knows that I still have a few major stressors in my life ...I realise anxiety/depression lurks in the shadows.

      Right now though I definitely feel better for being off Mirtazapine ...and even though I have had one or two relapses and felt lousy ...I look to Propananol to help me through. I take 2x10mg twice (or sometimes three times a day).

      I just focus for now on the benefit ( even if part of it is made up of the placebo effect) ...but sometimes I do wonder am I making myself addicted to propananil and gonna have problems in future if/when time comes to come off. I hope though that I can just reap the benefits ..get better ..and say goodbye to propananol peacefully when time comes.

      Hope I've made sense there ...

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      Spain. Just had a nightmare evening. Very anxious an could not stop crying !! Every time something is coming ( appointments or traveling going out for a meal etc. up and however much i try, I just dont seem to be able to stop it. Thought I was going the right direction !! How can I controll these feelings of anxiety ??!!
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      Humble suggestion ...

      Try a week of the following on a suck n see basis (it won't hurt and no withdrawal symptoms should be experienced:

      - Daily diary (keeping a record of exactly how you are feeling morning/day/night);

      - Daily meditation (e.g. holosync intro 30mins);

      - Propananol (targets anxiety/panic attacks)

      - Daily online visits to this forum (its a therapy of sorts in itself).

      No guarantees but I'll be seriously surprised if you don't feel atleast a little/moderately better ..maybe even a lot better even after 1 week.


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      Reading through what you wrote ..its not clear EXACTLY what caused tonights/last nights 'nightmare evening' ...you've only listed examples of things/situations that give rise to anxiety).

      So Bozzer what exactly triggered things last night?

      Or is it nothing to do with the present or whats happening that day/hour but rather to do with things (anything) that has not yet taken place; possibly way off in the futur

      For example, do you begin thinking ...and then this thinking cycles out of control and can't be stopped ...and then from these initial thoughts come fears and more fears sprout..and you become overwhelmed depressed scared helpless and generally lousy?

      Best wishes ...

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      Sorry forgot to include:

      - Massage (to release built up tension and stress and help relax stiff muscles/tissue around neck and legs/hips etc)

      And possibly something like...

      - Burpremorphine (to combat pain caused by osteoarthritis in hip/neck

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      Hi Karl, thanks for your response.

      I was a bit anxious all day yesterday and quiete tearfull. Had doctors and psychologist in the morning to talk about my situation. Especialy about the hotel opening for the season a week thursday and with that me having to start work again. I told them that in my opinion i am not at all ready yet but tjat i could also see that it would be good to get back in to the routine of working every day. they both thought it would be a good idea to start again and see how it goes. I agreed also explaining that mentally i had been feeling more upbeat lately. I went on to do my daily things such as taking the dog for a long walk and doing my stretching. I noriced that nervy feeling had come over me and tried my hardest to keep my mind of it. It just got graduately worse and so i ended up having a very bad evening. I calmed down a bit later on and took my mirt before going to bed. Slept ok but woke up very early but could not sleep anymore. I have to meet my boss lateron and already feel quite anxious.

      I just cant seem to fibd a way to turn these feelings around.

      oh yes I did not mention last time that i have a massage every week to help losing up my tensed muscles but they dont seem to work as well as other years. I need to get out of this vicious circle. Not only for myself but for my girlfriend family and friends as well.

      after yesterday i feel like i felt before i started on the mirt. scared to fall back instead of going forward. Its been the hardest 6 months ever for me and my girlfriend. She has been so good but even she doesnt know anymore. She can see it happenig everytime something important is coming up. Once again thanks everyone

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