5 weeks after PKR was doing well. Now back to the start!

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Hi everyone.   I seem to be on here all the time for guidance and advice as well as reassurance. Thank you everyone in advance!

I am 5 weeks after a medial partial knee replacement. I was doing well although still on pain killers 3 times a day to do my exercises. The last three days my knee has got VERY painful when weight bearing. My ROM seems to have gone from 118 to less than 90. I have no idea why this has happened. I am very depressed as I seem to be back to the start without the optimism. I have a long haul flight and holiday booked in 6 weeks time and now wonder if I will make it. Has anyone else gone backwards? Is there hope?

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    Tricia, there is always hope and, yes, sometimes we seem to take a step back. Just today I was sent home from PT because everything was causing too much pain. May I suggest you put in a call to your surgeon and see what he had to say. I know how frustrating it is, but please, don't give up hope! Feel better smile

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      Thank you Ivy. I have seen the physio who seems to think it could be a virus,  my knee isn't swollen anymore on the outside but it is very very hot.  I am now seeing the surgeon on Wednesday. I hope he doesn't think I am wasting his time! This whole business of what to expect and when is very bewildering.

      I hope your next PT is better for you.

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    Hi Tricia

    Had partial lateral side May 19, 2016.

    At 5 weeks I had a convention I wanted to attend . Bad idea !! Set me back a ton and at that point I was still very early in recovery . I survived the set back with ice and rest . I also was back to work at 4 weeks and that was another challenge . Hang in there ! It gets better but the road is winding at times .


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      Hi Debbie

      Thank you so much for your reply. I hope you are completely recovered now. There are not too many people who have had a partial so it is both encouraging and supporting to hear your story. I must admit I have worked hard and thought I could control the outcome. Obviously not it seems,  my knee will heal at its own pace. I wasn't prepared for the setbacks. I will try and be more patient 😊.



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      Yes ! Agree not many with partials . I always jump on when someone has partial for that very reason !

      I'm doing really good now , thank you ! About 8 weeks ago The knee ( operated one )swelled up and had to have fluid removed . Turned out it was blood . Not sure why that happened other than I was really doing a lot of everything , meaning lot of stairs , exercises , carrying grandkids upstairs , walking a lot etc.Just living life ! Guess will always have to monitor our activities now. Still the BEST thing I've ever done for myself because I got my life back and can go up and down stairs with ease 😂. It was/ is so worth it .

      Keep up the faith Tricia!

      Debbie xo

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    You're not alone! I've experienced some of the same things as you. I'm suppose to return to work next week and nervous how that will go.

    Glad your on the forum as I feel it provides more support than anyone could imagine!

    Take care and good luck Wednesday! We'll follow up with you after.

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    Good you are getting it checked out.

    Partials can be quite similar to TKRs i think in terms of recovery so you may indeed need to put your patient hat on!

    Or often feel low at this point, five to six weeks.

    Somehow now you need to mentally take a reality check on the duration of recovery.

    Chico Marx has some good posts on here.

    Keep us posted, and best wishes!

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    Sorry to hear that!  It isn't uncommon to have setbacks, but since you are on pain meds and it hurts bad, I would ask the physial therapist what is going on if you are still seeing him.  I had a total knee replacement in both knees and it has been 11 months since the first one and 9 months since the 2nd one.  They say it will take a year to get to normal, but at this point, I have my doubts.  I keep up with the exercises and try different things for the pain to see what will help.  I was doing well after the second one, then went backwards, so went back to therapy.  Had dry needling which helped for a little while.  My problem is in the muscle area and it's hard to get up and down.  I traveled by car to TN and did well, used a pillow against the door which helped and got out and stretched every couple hours.  I made sure I could extend my leg as I had to alternate between bending it and stretching it.  I wish you the best, keep up the exercises!

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    07/18 I had my bilateral tkr we'd get my staples out and start regimented pt my right knee was worse and remains so I live in townhome so have to go up 16 steps every day and down every day constipation is a problem any suggestions on what to take ?? Frikn pain pills suck get more relief when I smoke weed I would like to do more or that then pills

    Pt should be real helpful continue when you wake up and use ice when done

    I'll get back to you at the end of week see how my first week of pt


    And at least it's HEALING PAIN

    Good luck

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    Good to hear about PKR.  I am having to schedule a medial PKR.  This is all such great information! Thanks everyone, and good luck on your recovery!
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    Hi Tricia,

    I had a partial knee replacement on 6 Nov 2015, right knee medial compartment.

    Slowly and surely is the way to go.

    ?I am in Cornwall, UK and was operated on as an NHS patient in a private hospital. some 6 weeks prior to surgery I visited weekly my sports injury muscle massage therapist to strengthen my upper and lower leg muscles to give my surgeon the best possible leg for him to then go and butcher.

    ?After surgery - immediately after - I began three days of exercises in hospital and was shown all the PT exercises I'd need to do at home. I also had to have a 90 degree bend before going home - hospital policy !

    ?19 Nov I had my dressing removed and at that point, once it was established there was no infection, I returned to therapist for her to return to work strengthening my leg and massaging the incision line and surrounding area. This was to progressively break up scar tissue as it forms. As it surely will !

    If you don't break up the scar tissue exercises will be both difficult and painful.

    ?I had a PT review on 24 Nov, surgeon review and given the OK to get rid of crutches and to drive my car again on 29 Dec and return to work driving a bus on 26 Jan 2016, about 11 weeks post op.

    Haven't looked back.

    ?I did my exercises, all of them, 5 times a day every day, without fail and kept up my pain meds continuously. I only eased off on the exercises and the pain relief when I'd seen the surgeon.

    Job done !

    ?I might add that my 'stitches' were self disolving staple type, so for me there was no removal of stitches or staples, as I healed the staples seemed to disappear on their own, thus eliminating the possibility of infection.

    ?Good luck 'hollyshawn'.



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      Thanks John for your story, its very encouraging. I am from Leeds and went in as a private patient the NHS here were not offering partial replacements. I didnt know about the scar tissue massage until I came onto this forum. I do feel that you are left  in the dark so to speak regarding recovery. There doesnt appear to be any surgeon that actually says it like it is. I was sent home with only a 70 degree bend and only moved one week later to an 85 degree bend when seen by the physio. My package includes 6 physio visits and he has been very good although as most people are aware it is what you do at home that gets the results. At five weeks I am 118 degrees and have had a straight leg since week 2.  ?My good leg is 135 degrees so that is what I am aiming for.

      ?My 'stitches' were metal staples (just like in a book - quite frightening) they came out at 10 days. So even in the UK there is no set standard.

      ?I exercise 3 times a day each time takes 45 minutes there are 8 different exercises, with icing and elevating there is little time for anything else.

      ?At 11 weeks I am hoping to be going on a long haul flight to the states and be able to do plenty of walking.

      Fingers crossed.

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      Thank you John!  I really need to schedule, hopefully next year. I am hearing that a PKR is mainly a lot of stiffness.  I have been working out with a personal trainer 2 x's a week doing circuit training and spin 2x's a week, so I think I am ready!  Great info and thanks for the encouragement!

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    Of course! It's not a lineal healing, it's up and down

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