6 Weeks since TKR........

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..and my knee is still leaking at bottom of scar. 

Hi peeps, I posted on a thread cupla weeks

Ago, mibbees should have started another one!


It is slightly swollen and red around the area

And is very sore to touch. 

I went to docs and he said it dosen't look infected

just tender and raw. 

But surely after this amount of time post op

the wound should be healed?

I have my 6 week check up with surgeon on 

3rd Dec. so I'm sure he will know whats what!


I am still struggling with pain and discumfort

At night, so much so as I am not sleeping to 

good, hour here and there, 

As for walking any distance! With a stick

About ten yards And I'm knackered!! 

The pain and strange noises my knee is making

Is unreal! 

I'm still on killers and anti inflames, also I

Have to inject myself with the blood thinning

Stuff every day, 

I thought things would be on the up by now,

Very depressing  it's taking so long. 


Thanx for listening - Again!! 


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    Hi David.....I thought that at the six week mark I would have been over the worst of it too. It just seemed to be one thing after another.  I am 18 weeks post op and I can honestly say things are looking and feeling good, so much so that I am making arrangementd for my other knee to be replaced.

    So....it's a long process. I have been depressed on and off the whole time up until now, only because I thought I would never see light at the end of the tunnel, but don't fear David, I think/hope that after the four or five month mark you'll be feeling much better.

    It really is early days for you.....hang in there.

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    Hi Davie, make sure you get everything available to assist your healing.  Can you go to see a practice nurse.  She would be good for the wound, make sure its clean and you are using correct dressings etc.

    keep your chin up, your mind is very powerful.

    take care

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    Hi Dave, you are on a downer at the moment and we have all been there!  At six weeks I still had bad nights and better ones.I'm 9 plus 4 and had a really bad night last  night because I did new stuff yesterday. You just have to do as much as exercise as you can bear because it's the only way through this. I can't advise you on the scar as I've been lucky but others on here have taken time to heal. I'm sure someone will be able tohelp.
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    Hi Davie, Sorry to hear you are still suffering.  Are you still wearing a dressing?

    Not wanting to be pessimistic, when I had my second knee replaced my wound seemed slow to heal.  After 3 weeks, they decided it was infected so I had to have my knee washed out and part of my relacement replaced. On a positive note, I'm fine now and am sure you will be soon.


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    your still early days , but im glad you are seeing the surgeon next week , i found that about 12 weeks things really started to come together and i could sleep much better , i know this seems a long way away but its not time just flys , your knee will make strange noises aparently they need to and its a sigh of working well , im still taking anti inflames ay 16 weeks so dont worrie things will all come together soon , smile
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    I'm glad you are seeing your surgeon soon. I can see why you'd be worried with your wound being red and sore. Hopefully your doc is right though and you are just taking longer to heal up. Everyone seems to respond differently. My wound has healed up very nicely but gosh, the pain when I try to bend my knee is extreme. I wonder if it's not that my scar tissue has formed very quickly, before I got enough bending in. 
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    Well peeps, 

    Saw my surgeon yesterday,

    and he had a long look at my wound and knee. 

    I am pleased to say that although I have an

    Infection at bottom of scar, it is only a surface?

    Infection, he is happy that it is not 'deep' in to knee

    Other wise I would have to go thru another op. 

    so they cleaned the wound and put a new dressing on it, told me to keep it on for a week at least,

    Then go back get it checked on 24th. 

    anyway, he is not happy that I couldn't straighten

    My leg at knee joint, but by the time I left

    Hospital he had my leg straight! 

    I'm in agony but at leads he's happy now! 

    So,  onwards and upwards! 

    Still can't sleep at nite pains a nitemare,

    just doze during day,

    But I spose it will sort itself out. 


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      That must be a relief to know that it's only on the surface! My physio forced an extra 6 degrees of bend out of my knee at my last visit and the next day I was so sore I couldn't do anything at all and my leg felt as stiff as a rod - even hurt to walk. For the very first time I even skipped my exercises. Have to go again today - dreading it.
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    Pleased to hear that your infection isonly on the surface, Davie.  Did he prescribe antibiotics


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    .......hi again friends!

    Well, its 4 in the morning (que fora song!)

    Still not sleeping because of the pain and

    Strange movements of the new knee joint

    Still dosen't feal part of my leg yet. 8-(

    Seems to be when I move my body anyway

    The bottom half of my leg moves a split

    Second later,  well thats how it seems!

    Good thing thats happening is my wound

    Is healing better, I have just to keep it dry

    And keep putting Iodine patches on it. 

    So far so good.

    Still having problems straightening my leg

    getting back of my knee too touch the floor. 

    Excrutiating is a mild word for it! Still walking

    With a stick, any more than 10/15 yards and

    I need to take a rest. 

    Anyway, Got surgeon on 24th,  not looking 

    Forward to it! 


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      Hi Davie

      To help straighten you knee, lie face down on your bed and hang your leg, from just above the knee, off the end of your bed. It is painful but does work! Start for a few minutes only and build up over time.

      Tracey 15 weeks

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    Hi Davie, Pleased to hear that your wound is healing. Sorry to hear about your pain and although it doesn't really help, I can only say it will get better. Your knee will feel strange for some time.

     Chin up! At least your surgeon is monitoring your situation.

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