6th week in not doing so great - thinking about going down from 20 to 10mg, any one been in similar

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Hi all

I take my tablets at 10pm 2 hours before I go to bed. I was on 10mg for 1 week which felt ok, I was calm and slept well for the first time in ages, although it didn't touch the depression (very early I know). I was advised by doc to go up to 20mg and been on them for last 5 weeks.

I am feeling fleeting moments of joy and laughter but my insomnia had come back and for best part of day 9am - 1, I feel so anxious, shaky, tension, locked jaw and a bit dizzy. It seems to ware off in the afternoon although I change from tiredness to hyper to sadness still quite quickly and although I feel a bit happier and at night time but I have to take diazapam to get me through the mornings and sleeping tablets and night sometimes and I don't want start addictions.

I have an appointment with the doc on Friday but I feel like just cutting tab in half and start taking 10mg from tonight. 

I was hoping by week 6 it would of settled, shall I keep going on the 20mg or try the 10mg? Any advice and previous experience shared appreaciatted.


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    I was advised to take my medication in the morning to avoid sleeplessness at night.  Apparently it can keep you awake.  

    The feelings you describe of fleeting moments of joy and laughter, then sadness, feeling better at night etc, this is all signs of the medication working.  This happened to me exactly - getter better crept up so slowly and I'd get moments of feeling great, then not.  This carried on until the good moments got longer and longer then stayed.  Don't be surprised though if after months of feeling great you get an odd blip.  It's all natural.

    I've taken 20mg for 15 years, and the last few 10mg.  Let your medication settle and start feeling better before you play about reducing it.

    6 weeks is still early, though you're well on your way to feeling better.

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      Kate, do you think I should stick it out? Will the anxiety go away? I felt suicidal for first time in months tonight. I heard a thong about my ex and I just can't handle it. I've had a little drink for first time in a while. Feeling really bad sad((((( x
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      Hey pet I'm so sorry to hear about your troubles. If I was you I would most definitely speak to my doc about the fact that after 6wks the drugs are still making you feel horrendous. I've been on different antidepressants for about 20 years. I've had to swop over many times. Recently I was put on mirtazapine the side effects drove me crazy. I stuck it out for five days before I went back to my doc. Different types of antidepressants work for different people. I suffer from ptsd, a kind of multiple personality problem and am manic depressive and suffer from severe anxiety disorders.I was abused as a kid & sexualy harassed in work.

       I was also attacked & sexualy asulted walking to work. Life is to short to put up with meds that dont suit you. Please talk to your doc about alternative medication. I hope you find the right one for you ASAP. Xxx

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      Hi caramx

      Sorry you're feeling so rough tonight.

      Yes I do think you should stick it out a bit longer, but also talk to your doctor on Friday. People do give up too easily on this medication, but talk things over with your doctor too. Everyone reacts differently to medications and also take different times getting better.  Some take longer.  Every time you up your dose you'll get some side effects, but it will wear off.  Increased anxiety I found was the worst. Just ride it through ...... it does get better and the anxiety will go away. Many people on this site are going through the same thing, so there's lots of support here.

      If you have suicidal thoughts, please speak to someone.  Family, friends, Crisis team, Samaritans, doctor, on this site ......... anyone. I know exactly how you're feeling - I've been there myself.  You will get better.

      My worst times for me were in the morning too, and like you felt a bit better by the evenings.

      Are you having counselling, or seeing anyone at TalkingSpace?  Mind is also a great source of help.

      Keep in touch x

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      Thanks for your replies Kate. I will stick on the dose till I see doc. 

      Just really rough couple days. I'm just crying all day today and I haven't done that since before the meds but then again I did get some upsetting news yesterday - suppose I hoped I was done with the all day crying and suicidal thoughts and the cit would be working fully by now. 

      I do realise even the slightest bit of alcohol has bad effects so maybe it is a mixture of that too.

      I am seeing a counsellor but I missed my session today as too low and anxious to leave the house. I should of gone really. I start art therapy tomorrow so hopefully that will help. I have a situation that turned my life upside down and thats flared up again and I'm so tired of the world and so so angry at  certain people, which is why I'm mostly on the cit. I do feel suicidal but I know I won't try it and might ring the samaritans soon.

      Thank you for your repsonses and advice xx

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      Hi Wee karen and thank you for your post, Sounds like you been through hell of a lot yourself x

      I think I may have BPD but scared to get diagnosed. I too have had abuse (pysical) and had a nervous breakdown this year due to a build up of horrible life events. I then had to leave my job and lost a lot of people close to me and felt very stigmatised after being open about my mental health from people very close to me who then used it as a weapon against me.

      I hoped the citalopram would help me be less angry and in pain / depressed about this situation and although I feel some occasional good stuff, I'm dissapointed that I'm not getting more positive effects at this stage. I'm going to give it another couple fo weeks and hope it kicks in, if not I will just have to change or something. Like you said, different ones work for different people. 

      Are you on Cit now? 


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