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Hi all 

just writing this to let it out really and hopefully blow it away!!

ive been taking Cit for anxiety for 7 weeks now and after a bumpy few weeks at the beginning which I know so many of you had too I have, in the last couple of weeks, been feeling pretty good.....upbeat calm and positive! 😊

Yesterday, after something I had eaten the night before, I had a horrid day with stomache cramps and frequent trips to the loo! 😞

I haven't been sleeping like I used to .....nothing too drastic....just got into a pattern of getting up around 4.30 / 5 and going on the couch with a brew and then dozing till around 8 ....no great prob really but I think it's beginning to catch up with me and after yesterday's 'episode' it left me drained

So last night I was in bed for 8 ......took a sleeping tab ....which I don't like doing!.....and slept reasonably well waking a few times but drifting off again

Sorry for the long winded tale .....the main point of it is that in the night and on waking this morning I have those old tell tale signs......shaking jittery tum and it's really unnerved me!! 😳

I'm hoping it's just a blip because of yesterday's tum troubles....but it's scared me!

Sorry for the moan ....just wanted to write down my feelings and let them out

being a wimp! .....got to get a grip!! 

Hope you are all doing well and winning the battle!

pamela x

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    Well .....after my moan and whine!! .....I've given myself a talking to and a kick up the jacksy ....taken myself put for a walk and accepted that this is just a 'blip' which I sure is common ?!

    I'll get over it 

    I must stay strong....I must stay strong ...I must stay strong!!!................👍

    Regards to all (if anybody reads this?!😜)

    Pamela x

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    That sounds great Pam. Tiny steps and we should get there.

    I am about 12 weeks in a and thought I beaded to go to 30mg .still fretfull in mornings so I get out of bed and do some thing. I have had no probs with cit. Only tummy probs.

    Good to see people getting well of the medication.early days thou.

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    Well it's 7.30 the morning after and after a reasonable nights sleep .....waking a couple of times but calm and ok.....after hubby left for work this morning at 6 I got up and had a brew then attempted to go back to sleep/doze ....but found the all too familiar jittery angst hitting me once again ....which eventually led to tears....NO!!!

    I haven't cried for a couple of weeks now and thought it was all done with.......please please please not the daily morning sobbing returning!!

    so disapointed after feeling so well for this to have happened 😔

    oh well.....I've got over it before...will just have to battle through it again!

    Cit ......don't let me down .....please?!😳

    A very sad Pamela

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    Hi Pamela

    dont give up - don't forget Citalopram is not a 'miracle cure'. It readjusts the chemical imbalance but some of us have had lifelong issues with anxiety, crises and depression and it cannot and should not cure that instaneously.  There will always be ups and downs but what SSRI's do is tone those down so they arent unmanageable.  Lack of sleep plus your stomach upset will have made you less strong and hopefully if you get back into a proper sleep pattern  your strength will improve. You did the perfect thing in going for a walk - exercise is even better than medications at times.  Dont beat yourself up, just try to relax and realise that a little step each day is better than it was before, that's success! Good luck and keep up the good work.

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    Thanks so much Loxie for your reply....I very much appreciate the support!

    I know everything you say makes perfect sense....it's just hit me hard after a few weeks of being my happy silly me again (even at 56!) 

    I have a HUGE support network of friends and family and am surrounded by love....a very lucky lady!

    But I don't want to go on and on whinging and whining and crying on them....it's just not fair 😕

    I know it's most prob just a blip that's come about because of my tum upset.....which was brought on by my own greed I might add....and hopefully tomorrow things will be brighter again...if not then each day after that!

    I know how good I CAN feel so at least I know it's achievable 😊

    Walking is something I've always done a lot of since finishing work....I love getting my gear on and 'playing out' but I have to say just lately, as today, it's been more of a forced chore than a pleasure! 

    I will keep going....I know I'm still in there just waiting for the next good giggle!😁

    Thanks again....hope alls good with you ?!

    kind regards 

    Pamela x

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      You will feel better and I know what you mean about not wanting to labour those around you by continually being in low spirits, I ended up isolating myself rather than driving everybody nuts by always being unhappy or 'needy'.  In my personal case I was getting more upset at feeling unwell due to the side effects than I was by the anxiety to begin with so I stopped taking citalopram.  I'm feeling more cheerful now because I feel healthier and am getting better sleep etc., although I've decided that I'm never going to be Mrs Happy Bunny at my age (just turned 59 last week) and I've realised people will just have to cope with me being a female Victor Meldrew at times - that realisation alone actually stopped some of my worrying strangely enough.  I really hope that it all settles down for you and you will be able to look back and laugh. xx
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    Hi Victor ....oops ...sorry Loxie 😜

    this message has made me smile.....which is good after the amount of crying I've done today?! 

    I too had some horrid SE of Cit but thankfully I got through them after a couple of weeks

    Crying was one of them .....I must have spent 8 mornings in a row sobbing uncontrollably .....so when it started again this morning I was devasted!! 

    My anxiety has jumped on me out of nowhere and really floored me so I will try anything to get rid of it.

    I have started therapy too....another first for me....but like I said anything to return to 'me' 😳

    After around the 4 week mark I was feeling so much better...till today 😔

    Sure like you say it will pass .......I'll make sure I do everything to make it clear off 👊

    thanks for your kind words....and for making me smile 😁

    Hope you continue to stay well and happy.....and Victor doesn't appear too often!

    Pamela x

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