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Hello all,

i have only been on orlistat for a week but am feeling a bit disheartened with it at the moment.

i came on here and read the reviews when i first started on it and was really spurred on with peoples experiences of losing 7-8lbs in their first week.

im not sure i have lost anything, well not according to my scales at home which i am desperatley trying to avoid!!

i have been averaging about 400 calories for my lunch and 400 calories for my tea i have had fruit in between as well

thought i would put my weeks diet plan on here from last week and see if any one can give me some tips.


2 weetabix skimmed milk teaspoon of sugar, cup of coffee skimmed milk 1 sugar and a banana

lunch Promax diet shake (like slim fast, doctor said these were fine they contain under 2g saturated fat and 219 calories), pkt of brannigans crisps 204 calories and 1.1g sat fat

afternoon break an apple

tea Salmon fillet in butter and tarrogan sauce 202 calories and 2 slices of dry wholemeal bread 91 cal each

a two finger kit kat 107 calories.


same as tuesday exactly


same breakfast

ham cucumber and small amount of light mayo on a small white barm.


Same tea (fish and bread)

100g greek yogurt with hazlenuts and a spoon full of honey


same breakfast

lunch was a shake crisps apple

tea sweet and sour chicken and prawn with boiled rice and 10 chips (yes i counted them hahah)

saturday didnt have breakfast for lunch i had a ham sandwich no butter white bread and a banana

tea home made curry made with quorn brown rice and a small peshwari naan.



ham sandwich for dinner and same for tea

two chocolate buscuits through out the day

all mik intake has been skimmed and i have averaged about 2 litres of water every day.

i have had non of the side effects i have seen people write about and i am frequenting the toilet on average 4 times a day.

what am i doing wrong????

please someone tell me

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    as I said on previous post you need to be looking at the total fat content of any foods not calories as the tablet works on fat not calories.

    My usual meals are:

    breakfast - bagel with lighter than light spread (purple one), with marmite cup of coffe/tea with skimmed milk

    or bowl of special k with shreddies and some raisins and nuts.


    porridge with banana

    Lunch - rivita's x 2, crisp bakes x 2 with lighter than light cheese spread or weight watchers cheese spread or tuna with apple, salad and carrot sticks

    snack a jacks or low fat crisps


    Beans on toast or poached egg on toast


    Tuna sandwich with heaps of salad

    caramel snack a jack or special K cereal bar or Go ahead yoghurt covered cereal bar.

    Evening meal - maybe cook from scratch a low calorie meal ( I have a low cal cook book which is very handy) so use chicken or beef and cook up a casserole type meal.

    The cook in sauces all seem to be low fat but if I use one of these I hold back on the potatoes.


    Packet of flavoured rice and bread

    fresh fruit salad, low fat yoghurt, low fat cereal bar or caramel snack a jack.

    in between I snack on dried fruits, prunes, apricots, cranberries or mango. or have a banana orange or apple.

    How does that sound to you??

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    Hi there, dont get disheartened by your lack of weight loss. I only lost 4 pound on my first week and this week ive lost another 4 pound but any loss is better than none. Check the batteries in your scales if you have any or make sure your floor is level when you put your scales on it. I used to look at the calories but now i check the fat in everything. One of my typical days are:

    breakfast, 2 weightwatchers brown bread with lighter than light spread by flora and a small tin of beans with an egg fried with frylight only 4 sprays.

    Lunch: a wholemeal pitta bread no spread with lean cooked ham and filled with salad and asda lemon dressing which is totally fat free and a piece of fruit, melon is best as it is mostly water.

    Tea time: if im not in the mood to cook i have a weightwatchers ready meal with some fresh veg or if i want to cook i make meatballs and pasta.

    try this

    extra lean lamb.. mix it with 2 cloves of garlic and a small chopped onion.chop an orange pepper and onion put in a pan with some fry light sweat them off then add extra special passata from asda and then put the meatballs in let them cook for an hour. Cook some pasta and then plate it up..... its delicious and under your 15 gram of fat allowance. you can also use the sauce for fish or chicken.........

    I hope this helps. :lol:

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    Sorry to rock the boat s bit but 4lb a week is excellent and way beyond what you should expect in my opinion? saying only 4lb could give others the impression that they can lose loads where as that isn't the norm It all depends on how much you have to lose, your body, etc etc.. Losing 8lb in 2 weeks is exceptionally good - that much in your first month is great. You should be so, so proud yet you sound a little disappointed? Also weight loss won't continue at that rate so just carry on and take any loss, even it's a pound a week or month, as a mega achievement. In other words, a huge WELL DONE!!
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    i started orlistat on thursday last week and short of having to ram my face full of negativ calories and grams of fat i dont know what to do.if the pills only work on anything over 15grams what happens to people like us whom dont consume this amount of fat per day. i have done a test and yes, if one eats a load of rubbish (fat n crap) then it performs.

    however no one tells you what happens when u eat like a supermodel (my average is 1000 cals a day inc a glass of wine or spirit ) but im as tall as a munchcin at 5ft and 2st overweight and not sure if my only option is surgery in future, if in 3 months i havent lost a bit at least.

    guessin i need to run with it a bit longer but feel heavy as hell at mo.

    love to keep progress reports up, try to keep grinning thru it all.:} :? :?

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    [quote:e044749037=\"notsure2 \"]if the pills only work on anything over 15grams [/quote:e044749037]

    i dont think you understand how these pills work, they automatically remove 1/3 of the fat you consume be it 3g or 15g, the reason they give 15g as a maximum per meal is that between 0-5g of automatically eliminated fat will just exit when you poo normally, more than 5g+ fat will exit in a more urgent manner which could be embarrassing - orange oil.

    so for everything you consume you are only absorbing 2/3 of the fat it contains. the average, healthy, non dieting woman consumes 70g fat a day, someone like us on orlistat can consume up to 30g and only absorb up to 20 (if u stick to the guidelines) so you can see you are consuming far less than the average person with these and this is how you should be seeing the improvement.

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