A friend has scared me

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So I am 3 days past my gallbladder operation so far I am on but have not eaten much.

So my friend came over today and said to me you do know you are at a higher risk of colon cancer because you have had your gallbladder removed and you have fatty liver.

I feel like crying.

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    Well, how "helpful" of her.  She is really no friend, just my opinion.  What she didn't tell you was that if you didn't have your gallbladder removed, you're at risk for gallbladder cancer!

    I have a fatty liver, and I was able to reduce it..and you can manage your risk of colon cancer if you get regular colonoscopies!  

    I imagine the reason that those without a gallbladder have a higher risk is because the gallbladder isn't there to measure out the bile, which is an irritant.

    Stay strong for yourself!  If you want info on how I helped my fatty liver, send me a private message by clicking on the envelope below my name. xx 

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      Thank you Lynda for the reply I am only 37 so hearing that was scary, I was thinking of trying bile salts, Also I am going to try clean eating reducing red meats and fatty stuff.

      Doctors here won't give colonoscopy at my age without good reason.

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      Please, don't start adding things to your diet yet.  See how you do.  It's still early days for you.  It will take your gastirc system a while to settle.

      Bile salts would be just adding more bile to your system, which you may not need for good digestion!  Don't be tempted to use enzymes either, just take it easy and see what happens, then work with it.

      A fatty liver is usually caused by too much sugar in the diet, especially high fructose corn syrup (HFC).  HFC is usually present in all processed foods, soft drinks, etc.  Try to limit your intake of HFC.  You can still have a bit of sugar, or honey.

      Most processed foods that are supposedly low fat, actually have lots of sugar in them, or no one would want to eat them!

      What I've been using for cooking is coconut oil.  I've also been using grass fed butter.  You can still have grass fed beef, from time to time.  Then increase your intake of fish & chicken.  Stay away from processed foods, if you can!

      Hope this helps! xx 

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    Good grief, what kind of comment is that to someone who has just been through surgery? How tactless! Please don't feel down and try to focues instead upon recovery. Lots of people live long and active lives after having the gb removed.

    ?Sure, we see people with problems after on these groups, as you might expect, people will visit these for advice and reassurance more if things are not 100%, than those who have full recovery. There were some reports of an increased risk to colon after gb surgery but then in 2015 the peer reviews refuted that there was any definite causative link. In any case, they stressed that the research should not be a deciding factor in whether to have surgery as even if there were a proven risk, it would still be relatively small overall.

    ?I'd say try to concentrate on getting better and not on negatives, leading a healthy lifestyle can help to outweigh any risk factors.

    ?Hope you soon start to feel better.

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    Hi, well I would be really upset if a friend of mine said that especially at a time when you're at your most vulnerable. I've done lots of research over the past few months and I haven't read anywhere that you're more at risk and that would be something that the doctors would have to tell you before you have it removed if it was that serious. With regards to a fatty liver, I know that can be reduced as the liver can repair itself so please don't worry yourself and there's people on here that can advise you with that.

    Don't take any notice of her and concentrate on getting yourself fit and well. 

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    Not correct. I had mine out years ago. The only thing the galbladder does as far as I know is produce enzymes to break down fatty foods. Anyone can get those thing eating a bad diet. Foods are important to eat clean as we have now learned eating fresh non processed foods, no sugar includes artificial and bad oils. 

    If not eating a good diet then most are susceptible to many health issues. 

    Friends like that that who needs it. yikes! 

    Continue to to stay with hospital diet until your fully recovered and remember you r what you eat. It more unhealthy to leave a diseased GB than to remove them. 

    See ere complications on line if GB is not removed.

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    ?What??? rolleyes Nonsense!  If you have a colonoscopy on a regular basis as ordered by your doctor, your chances of getting colon cancer are low.  Do you have fatty liver syndrome?  If so, here are things you can do to combat it.

    lose weight – safely. ...lower your triglycerides through diet, medication or both.

    avoid alcohol.

    control your diabetes, if you have it.

    eat a balanced, healthy diet.

    increase your physical activity.

    ?Sounds like what you are supposed to do anyway.  Don't  listen to your friend.  I'm sure she meant well, but some people love to tell horror stories.   Keep feeling better. smile

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      Hi Margaret I am over weight I am 14st, I have diabeties type 2 which is controlled by metformin, Luckly I don't drink never appealed to me.

      Excersie is hard for me due to numerous amounts of other health issues.

      I know that from now on I will be eating as healthy as possible because having what happened with my GB scared me.

      Thank you so much for your kind reply x

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    From the research I did to answer your question, you are at a minuscule percentage more risk than a person with their gallbladder to get colon cancer. That is not enough to worry about. I am sure your doctor will answer your concerns when you see him next, but please don't stress over this. Stressing isn't good for you.

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    I'm sorry but friends don't tell their friends things like that!! I have been reading up loads on gallbladder removal as I am booked in for the 28th of February to have mine done and I have never once read that so I can't say whether or not it's true. But regardless, she's not a very helpful supportive friend. It's such a common procedure for people to have and they live healthy happy lives without one so please don't it worry you x

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    Bless. You it's not the case I grilled my daughters surgeon as she is only 20 & we had people saying all sorts of things.

    he advised no dairy for a few months then slowly re introduce and try & also free from foods to just give the body time to adjust and settle back down, apart from that all will be ok.

    Thats a terrible thing for a friend to say to you or anyone, please don't listen and just take it easy and get yourself well .

    kindest regards

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    I feel so sorry for you that your friend said that to you when you have just had surgery. I have been doing so much research because im having my gallbladder out soon due to gallstones and i dont think ive seen anything much about that so i would of thought the risks are low plus i think your doctor would of said something about it if it was that much of a risk. How is your recovery going anyway hope your feeling ok and just concentrate on getting better and you will be fine smile from carmella x

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