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Hi to all you lovely ladies, I am 9 week today post op, been to see the surgeon today and I was checked for urin infection iron and all was well, I then had to have the final check which was the speclam inserted by the doc to have a good look inside it was sore on the left a bit but other than that I was fine, surgery a success ( god I cried with joy) i exsplaind how many low points I had had through the start of the recovery when the doctor stopped me and said you are not recovers yet lady😬 She told me to slow the walking down a bit and still rest  through the day it is a slow build up was her words.

she exsplaind I MUST not get constipated and movicol is excellent and some lady take this for life, no heavy lifting it is all about waight Bering slowly.

no carrieing shopping order on line.

no prolonged standing 

if if I say from week 1/9 there have been points were I have thought I have done some damage when really it as been all about the healing.

if I could give one bit of advice I would find someone you feel you can talk to on the forum and talk to the, daily it does help.

lastly I would like to say thank you to Matron Phylis and welshgirl for all your kind words and support through the last 9 week

happy healing ladies👍💗💓💕😄


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    Dear Gillian,

    Your update has made me cry! I'm so worried I've ruined it all already and I'm only 8 days in!

    I hope your recovery carries on so positively and thanks for posting such a reassuring update! X

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      Amanda please don't cry, I will share with you how I felt in the early stages.

      week one slept

      week 2 turned over in bed thought my insides had moved and could feel a hard lump at the back, I went to the ward all was ok but I had a yeast infection

      week 3 could not sit on my bottom Omg did I cry all I did was lay down cry and I felt like my vagina was falling out when I had a look it still looked really fleshy and very badly swollen but again I thought it had all failed.

      week 4 pain bleeding stiches hanging 

      week 5 felt like I had a tapax stuck but could sit down and a very dull acing 

      week 6/7started to feel a lot better but stiches very tight still sometimes like somthing was there in my vagina

      Week 8/9 low energey feeling lots better

      i think we all feel it as failed and I don't think anyone can preper you for this operation only six month previous edit I had a hystorectomy and that was a breeze compared to this.

      take two movicol a day parocitomel every four hours and two Ibuprofen keep on top of the pain and stool softer side do as little as possible and you will be ok take care Amanda big hugs

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      That makes me feel better...I'm still really wary of taking pain relief because I kind of want it to hurt so I don't do anything to pull it all!

      I'm sleeping fine and sleeping lesson the day; just constantly worrying.

      I will try to be less anxious and re-read your post when I'm slipping!

      Thank you so much x

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      Get some good books and read chic

      kimberly Chambers the wronged is very good and an easy read, if matron was on she would advise you well.

      if you want to ask any questions you are welcome to and I'd you want to keep them private the mail box under my name press on it and you can inbox me.

      i know what it's like chic and it isn't nice to suffer in silence.


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    Well done, glad to hear you are doing so well. It's so hard not doing things but it just proves that you really do have to rest. Keep it up. 🙂
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    Oh, amanda, PLEASE be good to yourself!  Having this surgery makes you MISERABLE, and unfortunately it will be miserable for a long time! I felt like I had a pineapple shoved up my rear end for about six weeks.

    The problem comes from the fact that the pelvis is a VERY vascular part of the body, and having surgery simply irritates the Hell out of everything, and your body gets VERY p*ssed off!  You have enormous amounts of swelling, and until the swelling abates, you're going to hurt.

    Take it easy.  Walk, do little chores in small spurts (NO LIFTING!), and rest when you can.  Use your prescribed pain medication!  In my worst days, I'd end up just curling into a ball in the evening, and crying quietly.

    It WILL pass.  Your body will heal, and you'll have your life back!


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    So happy for you Gillian, super news. Recovery can feel like it's taking forever, but all so worth it when outcomes are so good! Wish Matron were here she would be so pleased for you. I would not have recovered so well without this forum, Matron, Stephanie the physiotherapist and all you lovely ladies who keep us and each other right, reminding us to rest and be careful.

    Your almost there, only a few more weeks and you will feel the difference, but don't dash about thinking you can do it all (I did that forgetting that I still needed to be careful), was just overly excited about being given the all clear and good to go!

    Take care,

    Phyl x💖

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    Glad you're doing well, I'm almost 5 weeks post op and really struggling, I'm still in a lot of pain, each week the pain is so where else! Currently it's on the right hand side of my tail bone that goes round to my vagina and right down my leg...is this normal? It a constant throbbing pain with like pins and needles in my thigh.

    I was meant to be back at work this week but I managed to get another week off, but I still don't think in ready to go back Monday. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm over doing it, I'm not doing much but I am on my feet a bit pottering about, I've done 4000 steps today, this is less than half I did before my op 😁

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      Lisa I was only doing 2000 steps at six week and still in lots of pain there is no way you should be going back to work most lady's have 12 week of you carnet pick anything up love, what is your job.

      i had a lot of pain in my bottom, I am 9 week today and am working from home on emai and phone but I could not go out to work yet.

      if matron was on she would tell you the same rest rest rest

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      I'm an accountant so sit at a desk all day, I'd be working from home as i can't drive the distance to work, it's too painful. My team is all over the world so I don't need to be in the office so to speak. I'm baffled as to why I only got four weeks off in the first place! My consultant is very blasay about it all, he doesn't know why I'm in so much pain and why I keep getting repeat infections, he said I'd be fine lifting my kids (3 & 1) and coughing and straining put far more pressure on the treated area. I'll call my dr again tomorrow and see if I can get another sick note 😁

      I'm truly fed up of feeling lousy though, can't do much with the kids and just mope around at home all day x

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      Hi, I would just say there is no way you can do the driving the waight Bering and your energy levels are not were they should be, the information is not great about this operation and it all depends on how good your sergion is with information, I don't know any lady that has had the same as you and gone back to work so soon.

      i am a regional director and travel national but I couldn't do that at the moment, I have to have a walk about every hour or I get sore underneath 

      please take care and especially picking the children up have you got some help at home ?

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      Hi Lisa,

      Recovery rates they give us are unrealistic, repairs are major surgery and your body needs time to heal. Stitches not coming out till about 6 weeks and some take 12 weeks. Deep tissues takeon the to heal.

      Need to rest majority of time in early weeks that are crucial for healing.

      Please take care,

      Phyl x☺

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      I'm sorry to hear you are still in so much pain, I had very bad pain around my tailbone for the first three days, my consultant told me that's because he reconstructed a lot of my pelvic muscles (I guess that's what they do during a posterior repair) and bones and muscles are closed connected to each other.

      But don't don't don't lift your kids yet, at least not from the floor. My surgeon told it's ok to lift them onto your knees if you sitting on the floor.

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      Hi Lisa. I had total hysterectomy, an A&P repair and a tvt and told by my consultant that I needed to be off 3 months (even if I'd had repair alone) my boss thought I'd be back after 6-8weeks. I'm now 10wks today post op and I still don't feel well enough to return to work. I was given a 2 wks sick note from hospital and was told to go to GP for other notes. My GP has been brilliant and said he's happy to give me as long as I need. I'm still not driving as I don't feel ready to. I was signed off the gynaecology on Friday after they said I was healing well even though the vault area is still raw. She said I still needed to rest as much as possible and general chores. I don't think any of us appreciate how long this takes to heal and that's the frustration. I hope you manage to get another sick note. Tell him that 12 wks was what you were told is the recommendation and see what he offers you. Take care. X
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