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Hi there🙂

I have written a post about this before but I got the title wrong!!

it was about six months or so ago.

its really close to my heart this subject.....

 I wanted to  say if you are young and are suffering in silence or to afraid to speak out. I know how it feels! I was 14 when I was diagnosed and given Prozac a massive dose. I didn’t want to talk really I thought I’d be okay! 

I realise now there’s is so much help and support theses days than back whèn I was younger and many others like me have seen big changes towards mental heath.

i am 40 now and only just addressing my problems, I wish I had reached out earlier for my depression is still with me and I am only now talking about things that have  triggered and contributed to my illness.

keeping things in is not good and getting hèlp to tálk through things sooner rather than later 

please don’t suffer in silence like I did for so long !!!

PLEASE if you feel like you can take stéps to finding the right help don’t leave like I did try to seek help it is out there!!

If anyone else is reading this that’s older like mysélf they like mysélf May only be getting help now when perhaps I could have “boxed off” somthings far earlier in my life I was to scared to tali for me personally talking is a great therapy.

 I really hope that if you are reading  this you are not on your own.

take care all



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    Hi I agree with what you say and I am glad you are addressing your problems and getting some help.

    My depression started around 7/8 and I just thought it was normal.  It was never picked up on by my parents,  teachers or anyone even when my grades started falling badly in school and I had no friends etc.  I had no one to talk to or could even begin to articulate my story and had no idea how to begin anyway.  I had this huge weight round my shoulders like a big stone which was dragging me down.

    It wasn't until I was in my 20's that I was able to understand something was wrong and to start getting some help.  I think at a very young age parents and teachers should be watching for mental health problems in youngsters and encourage them to speak out and help them find the words.  x


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      thank you for your reply 🙂

      yes there so many people that have suffered in silence for so long not knowing what to do.

      like you feel I think I had it younger than 14 really.

       When I was young I thought I was going crazy I was down so low crying and snapping at my nearest and dearest.

       I took me a while to get that it’s a chemical imbalance in my brain and tablets could help.

      its taken me 26 years to start talking it feels hard to do but I’ve got to get things out!!

      I wish I addressed things sooner hence ......this post.

      there is help it’s out there and so much now. Also parents and schools should be on the look out for the signs, but I have to say that over the years I’ve hidden it so well at times but it’s always been there!,

      A horrible and cruel illness that so many have yet still stigma as well but I think that is breakng through a lot more now more help and more understanding is needed!

      I hope you are going on ok yourself... 

      thank you once again 

      take care


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    im also 40 suffering with depression after loosing my ex after 16 years and my brother commited suicide around same time my ex was playing games cheating with a work colleague now gone to live with him with my kids

    my kids are heartbroken i can't explain how i feel i feel empty i had a live reading online last night with a sychic and everything he said was so true he said im exhausted over money and worrying about my future and i need to sort out my relationship problems and what i want in life everything he said about my brother was spot on only thing now im always wanting more info and will be addictive my life has fallen to bits over last couple years and cant seem to find a way forward i dont go out much never socailise things have got bad i havent had much support and feel very lonely at times but struggle to go out things are at the lowest at min and im trying to get help from doctors but waiting for appointment im always thinking of ny dear brother cant seem to get him out my head how can i move forward havent slept all night because jeep going over what he said to me and everything he said there was a answer and was totaly on form with everything

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      Hi there Warren 🙂

      thank you for taking the time out to read my post.

       I’m sorry to hear of your loss how hard it must be I cannot imagine I really feel for you.

       My ex I had to leave due to domestic violence after 16 years. He was a player too a horrible man did nothing to help only hurt!

       I am sorry that your kids are feeling it I don’t have children but how sad but they have you still and thier mum don’t they but it will be different for you and change is hard.

       can you call your gp to see someone earlier! You need the help now I’m no dr but you say things are bad.

       Please reach out ... again

       don’t give up I know it can be so hard but you sound like you know that you need help but sooner rather than later hey?

       You take care

      one day at a time!

       Take care Vicky 🌈

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    thanks vicky my heads all over the place at minute whats uo with these people all i want is to be happy and settled and have good life i never see my self as single i thought my life was planned out but how wrong was i i was sitting hime the other day somerhing told me to go on facebook soon as i opened it a live medium was live online so i asked if he cold see if my brothers ok and the response i git was amazing i have recorded it

    if u listen in hour 13 min it comes to me for abiut ten min this medium knew everything i was so shocked

    he was so right with everyrhing going on with my life im dreading chrsitmas i tryed calling doctors got app on 6 th earliest they can do i really apreciate your message and i hope u r ok warren

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    Hi Vicky - I was in my forties before I dealt with the depression I suffered since as early as i can remember. In my twenties it occurred to me that i could on one hand the days i felt "normal" - waking up calm, confident, relaxed. I naively used to think "At last! The sky is clear and life is going to be great from now on!" Then the clouds would roll in and it was back to business. Addictions of almost every description became a crutch. There were lucid moments when I realised with clarity - like breaking through the surface of the ocean and catching a desperate breath of air - that one day i would have to deal with this, that it would be challenging and painful. My experience with the system as i sought help was far from pretty. It was an education. It also made me realise that the depression was just part of who i am, that it's unpleasant but could be worse, and that it was a shame that social stigma and my own ignorance prevented me from getting help sooner.

    I share your warning to others - especially those with their whole lives ahead of them - that the best solution is to seek help. The young are lucky today that there are so many treatments available, that people are working to throw a light on this insidious, crippling disease, and that there is a tool like the internet which ensures info and contact with fellow sufferers is just a key stroke away. 


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      Thank you for sharing your story with myself and others.

      theres is far more help out there now your appointment is getting nearer now. I know it’s hard to wait for these things.

       Stigma was a big thing for myself aswell but in my personal life and my personal option that had I got help sooner I may be happier now.


      i reached out for help and now getting it .... trying to rebuild my life but to do this I know I need professional help! Talking is the only thing I think. Making sense of things, boxing things off ect but I can’t do it on my own I know this now.

       My mistake and now paying for it....

      i hope you are okay okay you have been such a hard and upsetting time, do you think it’s  time you shared and let people help?


      It’s  great that we have this forum to express and help and not be judged.

       So I am still going on about it... the younger ones

       Please don’t suffer in silence and try to get help sooner rather than............ years later as I did and yourself.

       We have only probably hurt ourselves by not seeking it.

      well take care


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