Abdominal tightness due to gallbladder disease.

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I have a large gallstone trapped in the neck of the gallbladder but am also being treated for a lung condition which has to take priority. At least I am no longer suffering from extreme pain but I do get horrible abdominal tightness which worsens after eating (albeit carefully). Anyone else experience this and if so, any temporary fixes?

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    well chris. are you not having bilery colic attacks ?

    AS I HAD THE same condition as you a large stone stuck in the cystic duct i e gallbladder neck

    fo over 3 years i was having terifying attacks near daily for hours to days.

    do you have light colour stools like sand colour ?

    BE VERY CAREFULL with that condition chris .

    as i was told its ok to wait , but it wasant.

    i ended up having to pay privately , as i had hours to live as my gallbladder became completely gangreene .

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      Believe me I would go private if I could. I spent weeks doubled up in pain. A GP at the surgery was no help at all. She actually said the gallstone looked quite snug and comfortable where it was! But a (hospital) doctor confirmed that the gallbladder was inflamed. I was actually in hospital for the respiratory condition and as there didn't appear to be an actual infection they just gave me pain meds and I'm expected to wait my turn to see a Consultant.

      But for the moment the pain has gone and just this strange tightness remains. Stools OK, no itching, no jaundice. But I have a hospital bag packed to go.

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      Thank you. I agree, that stone can't stay where it is and there is a risk of complications. Unfortunately they have to get my respiratory condition under control before I have an op. They may even have to consider alternative options. For the moment, rest and a very careful diet have resolved the pain. Plus I started on a bile supplement which seems to be helping.

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    my advice is keep a regular check on your white blood cell count chris2

    normal white blood cell count is between 4 and 11 above this and your gallbladder is infected.

    mine was 17 but the gp and the hospitals all chose to ignore this in my case even when i pointed it out to them many times, hence the gangrene !

    murdering b******s nhs no hope services .

    the nhs simply cannot be trusted with your life !

    i call it government backed nhs euthanasia if your over 50

    like i said elevated white blood cell count above 11 with this condition , means gallbladder is

    infected , infected gallbladder means inflammation , inflammation leads to tissue death , i e gangrene or cancer .

    its no joke . make sure you stay proactive chris2.

    i did or ide not be here to advise you now , thanks to the murdering nhs.

    good luck chris2. i hope you get it sorted, sooner rather than later.

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      The NHS really is shite.

      My Dad had a minor stroke in December he went to A&E at 10am and was told the stroke Dr couldn't see him until 2.30 so told him to go home and come back!! FFS he's 79 FFS.

      My Cousin was fobbed for 2 years and it turned out he had parkinsons!

      My 16 year old Nephew was shiting blood and couldn't control his bowels and had a GP look him in the eyes and say "have you just thought about getting better"! FFS Turns out he had Crohns!

      My Mum was diagnosed with a heart condition and it took a year to get treatment!

      The lady who lives a few doors down from me was complaining of severe stomach pain for six months, had a colonoscopy and they found some things and biopsied them and it turned out she had bowel cancer but she only found out after 2 months by asking her GP as NOBODY had told her! FFS! She's suing the NHS!

      A mate of mine has lung cancer terminal at 56 he has had to stop treatment as they've discovered he has a heart condition and nobody can tell him when he will get seen and treated for this so he can restart his lung cancer treatment!

      A mate of mine had thyroid cancer was diagnosed in Jan 2018 and waited until May! Yep May for them to remove his thyroid! Another lump sprung up, they removed it and told him they'd got it all but would give him a course of radiotherapy he refused as his hospital and mine now have NO radiotherapy services so he would have to travel a round trip of 90 miles! He died 2 months ago! He just gave up!

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      i know matt its unreal

      and the sad bit is , no one believes it when you tell them

      until its happening to them or someone they love by which time its to late.

      question is what as a nation can we and are we going to do about it to bring about change ?

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      You'd think i was talking b******s looking at my post but it's all true! You couldn't script it.

      Just to add another one, a mate of mine nearly died last year. He was rushed to hospital with a twisted bowel and needed emergency surgery, my hospital NO LONGER has emergency surgery services so he was taken to another hospital 25 miles away. It was an emergency and they didn't have the blood type he required! Pathetic! He was in hospital for 3 weeks and when they went to take the staples out of his stomach they did them up rather than loosening them so they couldn't get them out! Pretty basic stuff.

      What can we do about it...

      Get rid of these Tory t***s! Not that i like any of the political parties but the Tories want the NHS to fail and anyone who thinks any different is kidding themselves!

      Make the politicians and Lords pay their own food and drinks bill at the Houses of Parliament which is payed for by the taxpayer and give it to the NHS or to the 125000 poorest families that had their free school meals taken away.

      GP surgeries SHOULD be open 7 days a week, everything else is, it's 2019 not 1949.

      Stop HS2 which is now going to cost 55 billion as an estimate but that will only rise.

      Google, Starbucks and many others could pay proper taxes.

      Pay Paramedics and Nurses double and take the extra around £30000 from GP's and Consultants who earn £100000+.

      I would like for people to have the option to opt out of the NHS through not paying whatever is taken from our taxes.

      I would stop GP's spending half of their so called 7 year training snorting cocaine from between a prostitutes arse cheeks or whatever they do because i'm sick of reading posts that say GP's cant know everything on a subject that i fully understand from 5 mins of reading.


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    what bile supplement have they put you on ?

    I guess your in the usa am i right ?

    reason i say that, is ive never heard of the nhs giving bile supplement here in the uk

    and when i asked about it they said its rubbish .

    unbelievable right ?

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      I'm in the UK and since no one was helping me, I decided to help myself (having seen recommendations on a couple of reputable health sites). I do agree about the NHS.

      Useful info about the blood count thanks.

      A friend was taken to hospital rolling around in agony and they weren't going to admit him till his wife threatened to go to the press. They found that his gallbladder had actually burst.......

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