Acid indigestion burning knawing sensation after eating and no other symptoms for almost a month

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Hi there,

Am hoping someone out there can offer me some advice in between now and when I have a breath test for Helicobacter Pylori.

So my stomach problems started around a month ago. Started with mild pain lower right doctors ruled out appendix.

A few days later the pain moved to the centre of my abdomen and was more like a burning sensation I had a general feeling of being un well.

The doctor told me to take gaviscon and see how I felt after a day or two.

With no improvement and having a weekend away planned I went to see another doctor who said I could have a gastric bug. She told me to buy renatadine over the counter as was cheaper than prescription. Chemist said they didn't have this but did have something else by Zantac (Can't remember the name), new on the market that was supposed to be more effective.

I stocked up on this and went away for the weekend. After every meal I got a burning nagging pain that was extremely uncomfortable but bearable. I took the tablets the chemist sold to me, you were allowed to take up to 16 a day i think they were a bit like renies. They seemed to work after an hour and the pain would subside until I ate my next meal.

For the whole weekend I suffered with bad pain after every meal with the pain being a lot worse in the evening, a very full feeling in my upper stomach under my breastbone and a feeling of being punched in the stomach making it very hard to get to sleep.

Each morning I would feel better until I ate. On the morning of our journey home two days later I thought it best to stop at a chemist and actually find some renatadine as the doctor had advised (Wish I had done this sooner!!) After taking a zantac the pain was gone in 10 minutes. Zantac worked fine but I was finding I would have to take two sometimes three a day (75mg)

I saw my doctor on my return the pain having improved since taking the zantac and most days I only needed to take one or two. I had lots of blood tests to check my white cell count, red cells, liver, kidnies, ovaries including ovarian cancer and B12 deficiency.

After extensive tests all that showed up was that my red cells were slightly enlarged but I'm apparently not anemic and do not have B12 deficiency.

(I can share all my tests and results if need be)

Doctor said it might be worth checking gallstones but I really don't think it's this as I've had no other symptoms but the acid and some tirdness and weight loss because I have cut so many foods out and eating much smaller portions.

So a couple of weeks on and I have been managing by taking zantac which I stopped on Saturday and started taking omeprazole one a day and have been in no pain.

The doctor I saw last week booked me in for a breath test for Helicobacter Pylori which I am having in two weeks time, so I have to stop taking the omeprazole tomorrow until the breath test.

I have private health and spoke to my doctor today about getting a referral to a gastrologist so I could just have whatever other tests I needed ASAP. However she said they would probably want to to do the breath test first in which case I would need to be off any medication for two weeks so I might as well wait and have the test on the NHS at my surgery.

My only concern is managing the pain once I stop taking the omeprazole for two weeks. She said I could take gaviscon but I've not found it very effective.

Half of me is thinking I can try and manage the pain by eating low acid and small amounts for the next two weeks to minimise the discomfort and get the test done to at least rule it out if it's not it or if it is I know the problem and can get treatment.

Other half of me is tempted to phone my doctor back, get a referral and try and see someone within a week and get an endiscopy as I've heard they can diagnose Helicobacter Pylori along with checking for ulcers and hernia etc and anything else that might be causing the acid.

However I've also heard that even via endiscopy I would need to be off the omeprazole for two weeks so either way I have to get through the pain for the next two weeks until I have a test and can then decide what to do next and see a specialist.

I am just interesting to see if anyone has had a similar experience, what was wrong with them and also how people coped with the indigestion, acid pain in their stomach during the two weeks without any antacids.

Thanks smile

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    Also just to add - My uncle works in a hosptial in charge of intensive care and knows almost as much as the doctors, if not more! He said I could have just general inflammation of the stomach (my blood tests showed slight inflammation but fine for age not extreme at all nothing they would do anything about)

    Or an ulcer, or a hiatus hernia.

    I am starting to think it could be this as I have swelling and slight tenderness on my left side under my rib cage and the right side is fine.

    I have had this swelling for a number of years with slight stabbing pains in the past but not for a while. I have never had to acid problem before though. This started a few weeks ago.

    I am seeing my doctor next week re the swelling as I didn't think to mention this to the doctors I've seen about the acid and I didn't think the two could be related.

    Also Its not really caused me any pain. But I am starting to think that perhaps it could be some sort of hernia or something related to the stomach which is causing the acid.

    Has anyone ever had one if so what were your symptoms? Or had my symptoms and know what the problem was?

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    Sorry forgot to add, I am a 30 yr old female, relatively fit I walk, gym yoga, pilates energy levels are fine get a bit tired and more so recently with this acid, I do not drink alcohol or caffeine, only really water and camomile tea. I eat chicken and fish, plenty of veg, very little dairy and red meat and relatively low fat.
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    I had the same symptoms as (almost) although the punch-like feeling came first and after a month or so I started to have burning pain in my abdomen. I got the endoscopy and it showed mild gastritis (inflammation of the stomach), incompetent LES and a very minor GERD. I've been given omeprazole (20mg) twice a day, Ganaton (Also used to treat Dyspepsia/gastritis) and gaviscon.  The doctor also told me to follow a low-acid, low-fat diet for a few months. I'm currently on my third month. However, I believe in your case even if inflammation exists it should very minor because you're alreday healthy and follow an approriate diet. I used to be slightly fat and would a lot of junk food, spicy food and loads and loads of sodas. These contributed to my current condition. The most pobable reason for a major inflammation in your case would H.pylori.

    Oh and I didn't have to wait for 2 weeks but you should keep following a strict diet until the test. It may not prove to be as effective as taking omeprazole but I hope you'll manage. But I wouldn't rule out the possibility of some major discomfort.

    Hope you get well!

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    Do not take Omneprazol long term unless its something to save your life!!!

    I found switching to Lactofree milk helped me a lot. I have calcium problems due to ten years on Omneprazol and also taking steroids for PMR and GCA. I take a large glass of Lactofree semi skimmed milk to bed with a few rice cakes... I find if I wake in the night a rice cake and small sips of milk will help relieve my symptoms and I can get back to sleep again. I ran out of Lactofree a few weeks back and tried this with normal milk BIG MISTAKE!! was up all night and had extreme abdominal cramps so I obviously have some problem with lactose. I also take two teaspoons of coconut oil a day and eat natural liquorice. 1 scoop of Green Vegetable Powder in juice and eat raw sprouts, brocolli and any green veg regularly. Small meals more often help and not cooking stuff is eaven better... Even my husband is eating raw brussel sprouts now and he hates vegetables!

    I think as we age there are times our bodies require a complete dietary re-think and at my age now I really do listen to my bodies needs.

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    Hi yogahippygirl,

    I have been diagonized with gastritis (Hpylori) and acid reflux. Mine didnt show up on any blood ans stool tests, it was positive only in the endoscopy. I guess that is the best way to get it diagonized. I went 2 months without treatment for it till the endoscopy, so if it is possible get yourself scoped. I was on PPI during the endoscopy, blood and stool test showed negative and endoscopy showed positive.

    I did the triple therapy for Hpylori and now I have to do a test to confirm if its gone.

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    You have described some of my symptoms that I suffered for many years bc the Drs wanted to treat the symptoms of the disorder I have & failed to dig deeper. You may want to ask your Dr to order a blood test for Celiac Sprue, an autoimmune disorder which is triggered by ingesting gluten (the natural protein found in wheat, rye & barley). If your tempted to eliminate gluten from your diet, DONT until you've had the blood work done. You have to be proactive with this disorder bc there's no drug they can prescribe... A change of diet won't bring them any $$$. CEliac Sprue, left unchecked can lead to many other diseases. 

    best wishes!

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    Hi guys,

    Its me again, sorry for the radio of silence and thank you all for your replies.

    In response to the last reply re celiac disease I had a blood test for this and it was negative.

    I saw a highly recommended gastro privately, had an ultrasound to rule a few things out and all was clesr there.

    Went ahead with the endoscopy and colonscopy (the prep really was the worst and that wasn't that bad, the rest was a breeze :-)) which revealed no H.Pylori but a small ulcer half way down that had healed and also a small hiatus hernia - all in keeping with my sypmtoms apparently.

    I haven't seen the consultant since before the proceedure but I am booked in for a follow up later today so I will see what he says with regards to diet and lifestlye as the hernai is so small I assume I won't need surgery. Biopsies all came back normal too (Not sure what the others were for but H.Pylori was negative)

    Prior to the proceedure I was on Omeprazole 20mg one a day for two months and came off them ten days before the gastroscopy (not because I had to for it but because I wanted to see if I was any better) and I was fine and have been since, no nasty aching gnawing pain after eating.

    My only concern now is that my partner is now ill with acid and pain after eating. Very similar symptoms to mine - before I knew I was H.Pylori negative, I assumed I had it and that he had picked it up from me.

    We are going to mention his symptoms when we see him later and ask whether there is a chance the H.Pylori Biopsy was innacurate as I cannot understand how my partner is suddenly having the same symptoms. He took one of my omeprazole and it helped him a lot so it must be acid causing his pain.

    He has no history of this kind of problem and has probaly only suffered from an upset stomach a couple of times in his life (he is 36) So this could be something I have passed to him, an infection he picked up from the hospital or just a very bizare coincidence!

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