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Hi all,

Was just wanting a bit of advice about Citalopram!!

Ive been on Citalopram for about 10 years at least for bad anxiety. In the beginning I was on 20mg, then it was increased to 40mg. Over the last few years I tapered down with the GP guidance from 30, to 20 and then finally to 10mg.

Now Ive been on the lowest dose for a couple of years now. I tried coming off it before and ended up having to go back on the 10mg.

Now this year, GP told me I could come off Citalopram as I was on lowest dose so I decided to try again.

I had been taking it intermittently, a tab one day, then off the next.

So I Have not took a tablet in about 2 months. While I am doing better than I did before I am noticing changes in my behaviour. Temper flare-ups to the point of rage, bursting into tears, thinking sad thoughts etc.

It is managable at the moment but I was just wondering if anybody had any advice or knew how long these feelings might last. ??????

I do not want to go back on these tablets and am worried if I tell GP about these feelings he will put me back on them.

Any advice or thoughts ???

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    I've had these symptoms but fortunately they have gone - I had some help from my wife to focus on the positives of coming off. This was essential to succeed.

    My side effects are now just tinnitus in the ears and lack of sex performance which I do believe both are due to the medication since I didn’t have these before I took the drugs: fingers crossed that all will be well when I stop which I hope will be in about 2 to 3 weeks since I am now down to 10mg as well. It’s taken me 14 weeks so far to drop down from 40mg.

    Hope this helps. 

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    Do you have any underlying health problems like a thyroid condition or heart trouble?  Does this medication affect your sex drive,  it affects mine alot.

    Let me know,  I am also doing 1/2 of a 20 milligram tablet every other day.  but its risky i see me going up and down,  I think its better to do 2 days on and the next day off,  I used to take paxil that was harder to tolerate.  What other meds have you tried?  Do you have trouble sleeping??


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    Thanks for the comments, it is nice to know Im not alone

    My reason for wanting off them, well Im just scared I will end up dependant on them for the rest of my life and I can of feel whats wrong with me that I cannot come off such a low dose. I just feel the symptoms are not severe enough to put me back on them at the moment and feel I might undo some good if I go back on them now.

    Cardiff Dragon - thanks for that. My hubby is supportive and that definately does help. One side effect I have noticed is ive been losing weight a bit more easier since coming off them, as to sex drive, im up and down with that too so maybe it affects that too

    Debbie, no thyroid or heart problems. I did have high blood pressue issues but my readings have come down now and Im trying to do more exercise. As to sex drive, i mentioned that above, yeah i think it might well be affecting that too.

    I have food intolerance issues as well which probably does not help either but I have food intolerance issues for a lot of years now and the symptoms I have mentioned above have only been since coming off Citalopram.


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      Interesting information - my view is that this medication in the long term is unhealthy sonce there are so many complaints about side effects both going on and more so coming off - surely there must be some medication that could help everyine without unpleasant side effects.

      best of luck.

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    I'm coming off 10mg at the mo. dropping 1 tab for a few weeks and building it up slowly. I'm doing it with the help of a homeopath who is prescribing drops to support how I'm feeling. 

    Not sure how long withdrawal lasts but its bound to be a while....

    Could you try some support from something else while you are feeling like this? It's worth a look into. 

    Rages, tearfulness and mood swings all sound like withdrawal symptoms. 

    It's great you've come off them, there's not much info from the Doctors on how long it takes to be out of your system is there? It's powerful stuff though so stands to reason it will take a while. 

    Take Care 

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    Hiya, yeah I think you are right, I think it is gonna be a wee while, it already feels like a while. Just hate being so up and down dont know how Im going to feel when wake up in the morning. I do think the GP's underestimate how difficult it is to come off these tablets.

    Yeah, I have been taking other stuff to try and help as well. Ive got herbal remedies and am trying to go back to gym and eat better as well to give myself the best chance of feeling better. I have tried Ashwaganda and found that to be helpful and Picamilion as well, which I discussed with GP. I felt the picamilion gives me a boost of enery and helps with the blood pressure issues.

    I dont take these tablets every day though, i take various things here and there when I feel I need it and found it to be helpful.

    Just thought it would be easier than this what with being on the lowest does for a couple of years but i really am wanting off them so going to stick with it at the moment thanks for all comments and advice :-)

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      Stay with it and try to come off.

      good diet, not too much alcohol and exercise are good alternatives since your not taking much medication.

      i found this drug very adictive and difficult to drop without very unpleasant side effects - in some ways the cure was worse than the illness!

      hope all goes well.

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    Those symptoms you describe having stopped taking the medication are exactly the reasons I started taking it in the first place. My feeling is that if it is doing me good there are no reasons to stop it. If I were to stop and have the symptoms again then I would still be ill and need medication. Not the same thing as being hooked on itor addicted to it eh?
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    Im sticking with it at the moment. It is hard when you have a bad day though. But I can see both points. Sometimes I think Im doing well, just a bit longer and when Im having a bad day I think Im denying myself medicine that will help make me feel better.

    Maybe some people are just more susceptible to getting down and getting anxiety than others and we need these pick ups?? Chemical imbalance or whatever

    Im sticking with coming off them at the moment, having a good day today :-)

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